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5 Fashion Mistakes That Make Grey Hair Look Dull

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Grey hair is hot right now with the younger generation. Somehow that doesn’t sit right for me. Being a recently transitioned to grey hair woman, I resent the fact that girls in their twenties are spending hours and hours in the hair salon, trying to get what nature has given me naturally.

Whom am I kidding? I think it is awesome!

For once, I am on the easy side of being in fashion and maybe, I dare say, trendy.

However, one of the things I have noticed after letting my hair go gray was that none of my old wardrobe seemed to look good on me anymore. I had tons of clothes on the beige/brown spectrum. Wearing those shades most definitely made me look older and frumpier now that I had let my hair go gray.

So I reached out to Jill Kirsh, the colour guru, for some help and tips. And I thought I would share them with you today.

But before we begin, let me introduce you and tell you a bit about Jill Kirsh.

Are you feeling dull and boring now that you have transitioned to grey hair? You need a colour consultation! Check out these fashion tips by Jill Kirsh to find out what colors you should be wearing.

Jill Kirsh is a color expert and Hollywood’s Guru of Hue. Her unique color system has been the talk of the fashion world for the past ten years. She’s been featured several times in InStyle Magazine, Life & Style Weekly, Inc.magazine, E!News Online, Backstage, RedBook, the Los Angeles Times and on every major network and numerous local news affiliates including HGTV, Hallmark and Soapnet, plus myriad websites like AOL, BeautyRiot, Shopafrolic and more. She was named Best Color Consultant in the Best of LA issue of Los Angeles magazine and is frequently called upon by Red Carpet celebs, Grammy winning musicians and titans of business for color coaching. In addition, Jill is featured as the Color Expert on the IPad App for the hit movie Divergent. You can find her at Jill Kirsh Color.

If you aren’t convinced that colour makes a difference, or that Jill knows her stuff, check out this post on E News!

What If Your Favorite Red Carpet Dress Was a Different Color? See the Difference!

Here is visual proof that colour does make a difference. Just look at these before and after photos! Can you see how the colours on the right makes the models look younger and more vibrant. Read on for your best fashion choices for your grey hair.

These grey hairstyles on men and women are fashionable and trendy.

The Best Style Choices For Gray Hair

  1. Avoid mustard, olive green, camel and rust. These colours tend to make you look like you have jaundice and no one wants that! Instead wear mint, lavender, rose red and taupe, especially close to your face as well as in your makeup choices. The easiest way to choose your fashion colours is to keep in mind that grey hair is enhanced and highlighted by jewel toned colours. Think of your favourite gems ladies. If you stick to those hues, you will look younger and more vibrant.
  2. Don’t wear yellow or gold jewelry. For the same reasons as above it is best to stay away from anything that will make your skin look older and sallow. You want your jewelry to give you sparkle and accentuate your fabulous grey hair. Choose white gold, silver and platinum instead.
  3. Stay away from amber, coral or yellow topaz. Those are cheap stones anyway and your amazing midlife self deserves the best. Your jewels are emeralds, rubies, amethysts, garnets, rose quartz and of course, diamonds. You are a queen so go ahead and adorn yourself in luxury.
  4. Veto tortoise shell, tan or bronze eyeglass frames. Bring colour to your face and accent your silver locks with burgundy, steel blue or pewter eyeglasses choices.
  5. Dismiss cinnamon brown handbags, boots, wallets, belts and other accessories. Go for pink or white in the summer and wine coloured leather accessories in the winter. These colours will look great with your grey hair and make even the most boring outfit more fun and youthful.

***NOTE: The above tips are for grey, silver or white hair ladies only. Check out this post for salt & pepper hair guidelines.***

How To Choose The Best Colors To Wear With Grey Hair

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Keep in mind that all of the above are suggestions and that some of the recommended options may not work for you. You may be able to wear some of the colours on the don’t list as well. Only you can decide that. Don’t be afraid to experiment and ask a friend for their opinion. You should also take selfies so that you can have an objective view of your colour choices and fashion decisions.

Of course, if you are anything like me, you need to be led by the hand and shown exactly what to wear. Good news! You don’t have to have your own personal stylist to be able to dress the best for your newly transitioned grey hair.

Using a swatch book of colors to choose the best fit for your hair is helpful.

Jill Kirsh has designed a wallet size, customized swatch book that’s filled with pieces of fabric of all your best shades for your grey hair. You can use it as guide for shopping for everything from tees, shorts and nail color to party dresses, jewels and stilettos! In addition to these being all your best shades, every color in your swatch book coordinates with each other, so you can have a wardrobe that totally rocks. You can shop Target or Neiman’s, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the hue!

Jill also has a line of makeup products that are mineral based and fragrance free. The makeup kits are pre-filled with all your best shades for the eyes, cheeks and lips, based on the colour of your hair. All the lip products, blush and shadows are paraben free. As well, all the products are cruelty free and are made in the USA. These shades blend beautifully with each other and compliment the hues in your swatch book.

For Jill’s whole line of products, including these beautiful scarves below, or to book a personal consultation, see her website at Jill Kirsh Color.

These adorable scarves are colorful and bright.

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with me Jill, and I look forward to featuring you again soon.

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Marilyn Jensen

Monday 13th of September 2021

I wear lavender gray looks great with my silver hair


Thursday 17th of June 2021

Sunglasses with salt pepper hair and cool undertones — is a classic brown/bronze a safe bet?

Elena Peters

Thursday 17th of June 2021

Opt for black, pewter, navy or a deep royal purple.


Monday 24th of May 2021

Gray, like most colors has a very wide range from cool to warm. Your undertone determines what colors look best on you and is as important as your hair color. My gray hair falls into a platinum gray shade and with warm skin undertones my best colors fall into a soft autumn range.


Wednesday 19th of May 2021

I transitioned to my grey, during the pandemic. I am a warm autumn and wore golds, corals and green. My skin tone still has warm undertones . I have read that one should continue wearing the warm colours. Any advice?

Elena Peters

Wednesday 19th of May 2021

If you have transitioned to grey and your skin has warm undertones, you can still wear warm colours. I would choose softer and smokier autumn colours though.

Cindy Webster

Friday 30th of April 2021

Love the ideas for gray hair. But, after Chemo, my hair is white-white. I used to wear black with my colored honey blond hair. Now I find black is not working. White works better! Ideas?

Elena Peters

Wednesday 19th of May 2021

I would try grey or softer black tones with your white hair. And a pop of colour in lipstick, earrings or a scarf would be great. Hope you are doing well now after chemo.

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