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About Us

It’s a blur isn’t it? One day you are are eighteen and have your whole life ahead of you and then boom, you are fifty! Where did the time go? Life moves so fast. We slip into our roles as daughters, wives, mothers and employees so effortlessly without a second thought. We carry on, busy being busy until one by one, the responsibilities fall away and we are left standing, trying to figure out who we really are and what we really want. It’s scary and exhilarating all at the same time. We still have challenges and doubts but we most certainly still have dreams. If you have breath, you have time. Time to slay your internal doubts, overcome your struggles and make your visions come to fruition. You got this.

Elena Peters, Founder & Senior Editor

Welcome to Making Midlife Matter®, a community for women over 50, entering into the best half of their lives!

After years of following the “rules”, women are embracing this opportunity to take control of their future and craft the life they dreamed of. Midlife is truly a time to celebrate! Join us as we explore the possibilities, find our passion and live life to the fullest. This community was built to support you, in whatever way you wish to define this time of your life.

At Making Midlife Matter®, our mission is to inspire and empower midlife women around the world to turn their dreams into reality and build the life they truly want. We want you to feel joy and happiness in all facets of your life, free from judgment or expectations.

Our Core Values:

  1. You should stand tall and be unapologetically you. Whatever obstacles, decisions, or circumstances have molded your past and brought you to this precipice of life is in the past. What’s done is done. Proudly proclaim, “This is me. Take me as I am.”
  2. You can find passion and purpose at any age. Sometimes it takes time to push through all the roles we have played and all the societal constraints society has thrust upon us in our lives, to figure out what we enjoy and what we want to sow into our lives but it most certainly can be done. You have earned the right to shake things up, try new things and change direction as you please, till you find the special sauce that fills your soul.
  3. You shouldn’t walk this path alone. Women are strong and when brought together in sisterhood, we can raise each other up and support each other in our individual journeys.
  4. You should take what you need and give back when you can. We are here to inspire and empower you knowing one day you will pay it forward and do the same for someone else. What a wonderful world it will be!
  5. You should always be true to yourself. You may not have the same path as others but that doesn’t mean it is wrong. Only you can decide what is right and feels good to you. Gone are the days of pressure to blindly follow a path that is not yours to walk. But if you wish to venture outside of your comfort zone to find yourself, we support that too.

Does all this sound too woo woo for you? Don’t be scared! We have lots for your practical side too. From life hacks to financial advice to travel tips. We cover everything your fabulous self needs to create a life you admire. One list at a time.

Meet Our Editor-in-Chief:

Who is Elena Peters, what’s her story and why did she create this community for midlife women?

My story begins with my parents. As a first generation Canadian, I grew up listening to how my parents fled their homeland of Lithuania with only the clothes on their backs during the Second World War. After struggling in internment camps in England for years, they were finally able to eek out a living, get married and have a family. Wanting more for their children, they once again, pulled up roots, packed a few suitcases and left for Canada. I can not imagine the mental strength it took to start all over twice but I’m positive that my drive and passion for a better life comes from them.

Unfreaking believable. I know it is a cliché but where did the time go? It seems like yesterday I was finishing university and getting my first “real” job in an Accounting Office. Being a true Capricorn, I made major job changes every ten years, ending up at the age of 49 at a major international retail company in upper management. Unsatisfied and thankfully supported by my husband, I quit my job and began my journey of self-realization.

I spent the first six months cleaning and being the perfect housewife. And I soon found out that the more I did, the less everyone else did because, “Mom doesn’t work now, she will do it”. Strangely, this thankless and never-ending vocation did nothing to give me direction or purpose.

I literally fell into blogging through a back door, so to speak. My husband was diagnosed with Bipolar very soon after we were married. I would constantly be on social media, connecting with other spouses and people who have the same disorder. After a few Internet chats, I connected with a woman who had a blog about bipolar. She asked me to write some guest posts from a caregivers’ point of view. You can find me talking about my experiences or on YouTube.

I fell in love with blogging and decided to create my own blog for midlife women. Thus, was born. I like to cover all topics concerning baby boomer women but have an affinity for quality of life posts. I love to help women find a new purpose and true happiness in the second halves of their lives. I hope to create a space that is filled with parts laughter, information and inspiration.

Join me as I share my humour and bits of wisdom as a woman entering the prime of her life. I’m not afraid, I’m walking towards the light! I look forward to retirement, afternoon naps, 4 o’clock suppers and speaking my mind. Sounds pretty awesome to me!

Personal, quirky, need to know info about me:

  • I am the youngest of 4 siblings.
  • I live in the city I was born in.
  • Huge, huge Corrie Street fan.
  • Deathly afraid of needles
  • Ironically, oldest son has type one diabetes.
  • Married the man of my dreams (second time’s a charm).
  • My husband is a native San Diegan and we hope to retire there.
  • Together, we have 4 wonderful children, 3 dogs, 2 cats & one very busy, noisy house!
  • We love them all but we are so ready for them to leave.

Thank you for visiting makingMIDLIFEmatter® and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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