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33 Beautiful Grey Hairstyles For All Lengths

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Making the decision to throw the hair dye away and transition to grey hair can often be a daunting one, particularly for women who have regularly dyed their hair for many years.

Grey hair is often more fragile, has a much drier texture and is often wrongly associated with old age, but over recent years there has been a ‘silver sisters’ movement in which women of all ages have embraced their natural locks, being proud of their natural shade and rocking some incredible grey hair styles.

Grey hair has now become a fashionable trend, with celebrities flocking to the salons with requests for salt-and-pepper and ice-white styles.

I have been through the process myself, making the decision a few years ago to put down the bottle and transition to my natural grey hair. It took a little bit of research, regular haircuts and testing different products, but I’m really happy with the way my natural grey hair now looks… and it’s so much easier (and cheaper) to manage!

Thinking about embracing your natural grey hair?

Whether it is short and sassy, a mid-length bob, long layers with lots of texture, natural curls or braids, there are lots of flattering hair styles that suit grey hair perfectly and we wanted to share just some of our favourites. All of the women featured have given permission for their beautiful grey hair images to be used and you can find a link to their Instagram accounts below each image.

Grey And Silver Hairstyles For Every Length

Adelina has gorgeous thick natural curls and twists that show the different tones in her hair perfectly and looks great at mid-length and long. The side-parting also frames her face.


Ageing Disgracefully has waves towards the end of her long, flowing hair to give more volume and add texture.


Jin has lots of layers and a sweeping bang that really show off her salt-and-pepper hair and flatter her face shape.


Anjana’s short bob has been curled, giving masses of layer and texture and highlighting the different shades of silver in her hair.


This sophisticated short look is a fabulous silver ombre with short sides and flipped-up bangs and Deborah looks smart and sassy.


Jane has a beautiful pixie cut with sharp sideburns that really accentuates the salt and pepper tones in her hair. This look is simple to manage and looks amazing with big earrings.


Carla’s long, flowing bangs and layers are perfect for creating beachy waves.


Francesca has long bangs and layers throughout, and her hair almost has lavendar tones.


Julie’s beautiful waves and fringe with sliced tips is a great way to create volume and texture and shows off her silver tones.


Debbie’s shoulder-length bob really accents the different tones in her hair and the feathering and layers create lots of texture.


Erika sports a mid-length grey bob with longer layers which catches the light beautifully.


This shorter straight bob with a side-parting provides volume and frames Nikol’s face in a flattering way.


Get beautiful waves in your hair with a curling iron, which also highlights the different layers within the hair style.


The classic blunt bob not only highlights the stunning shades of silver in Jackie’s hair, but it is a fairly simple hair style to maintain and manage.


Heather rocks a balayage look with her long hair, with the lighter shades of silver framing her face and the darker shades underneath and towards the back.


Anita’s sleek, stylish bob frames her face beautifully, and the parting of hair swept to the side adds an extra dimension.


Tracy’s braids are gorgeous, with natural hair at the roots and a whole variety of silver shades in the braids and hair. This style looks great when swept back into a low ponytail.


Longer layer that have been curled into a sweep, combined with the natural dark tones at the end creates a really beautiful look.


Therese has gorgeous choppy medium length layers that have a slight wave, providing volume to her style and framing her face.


Regina’s center-parted hair is sleek, shiny and in really great condition.


Marianne’s straightened sliced long bob shows off both the silver highlights in her hair and the different layers.


Sonia’s shaved hair style looks incredibly chic with a longer, straight bob in a side parting.


Sarah’s voluminous curls are accentuated by the much shorter section on the other side for a stylish look.


A cropped fringe with a sleek, chin-length bob is a real power cut. The salt-and-pepper tones look absolutely beautiful and can really be seen in the fringe.


Kornelia’s shoulder-length hair is customized with multiple layers, adding volume by curling the ends upwards.


A short bob can be adapted by adding volume – a fringe or bangs can be pinned up and Amber’s different shades are really flattering.


Carla’s shoulder-length locs really highlight the different salt-and-pepper tones in her hair and frame her face beautifully.


Karen has added volume to her layered bob by loosely curling sections and parting it at the side.


Mireya’s long hair has an ombre effect, with wide curls adding lots of volume and layers.


Angela’s thick and defined curls have a bouncy feel and highlights her salt-and-pepper tones perfectly.


Crystal’s natural texture, volume and color shines with her shoulder length curls.


This sleek up-do looks absolutely gorgeous with an elegant bun, showing off the different grey tones underneath.


Loose curls create a great beachy wave that add volume.


I receive so many questions from women all over the world who are unsure about transitioning to grey hair, followed by women who have embraced their natural hair color and absolutely love it.

With so many chic, elegant and funky styles to suit women of all ages, what are you waiting for?

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Thursday 4th of April 2024

I've gone gray. I stopped dyeing and shaving (a different, yet liberating struggle) since the pandemic. Now that 60% is gray. I refuse to go back to dyeing because of the time it takes to grow out. Admittedly, it's been an easier transition because I was "blonde"; however, the texture and styling has been a challenge. I've always had long hair and it looks like crap now because of the frizziness. It won't curl or stay curled like it used to. (I mainly used the old school hot rollers or a fat curling iron.) It just ends up looking stringy, dry, frizzy, and OLD. I read that you need to use serum to smooth it out, then I read don't use serum because it weighs it down. I read to use a straightener to smooth it out, then I read to not use heat because that dries it out. I read to use a purple shampoo to reduce brassiness, but then read to only use it once a week because it will dry it out. I read to use a diffuser to dry it, but then read to air dry it (SO CONVENIENT!) because blow drying it will make it more frizzy. I'm looking into maybe doing bantu knots? Or the old school "lilt" sock curls? I even still have the plastic pink sleep in curlers, but every time I've done those, they are impossible to style around the forehead without weird bumps once you take them out. My hair used to be thick and lushious but now it's thin and wirey, and i've never looked good with a short hairstyle, though I've only gone short once (am insanely short bob, to look like Belinda Carlisle in the mad about you video, lol) and it looked terrible. I don't have a current, consistent hairdresser that I trust. I hate looking at myself in the mirror, not to mention want to post photos of myself and friends on social media when I want to share a commemorative moment. Any advice is appreciated, but I mainly just wanted to share to get it off my chest. It's an inevitable journey. I can't be to only one dealing with it. If anyone has found the hurdles with this part of aging and cleared, or at least, tried to jump them, I'd love to hear your experience. I'm 50.


Sunday 2nd of June 2024

@Deanne, For me, a chin length graduated bob with bangs works for my curly gray hair. I usually air dry it unless I'm going out right away after a shower and shampoo. I have used the Lavender line if WEN for years: cleansing conditioner, then a dab of it squeezed through my freshly washed hair with a drop of the treatment oil. I wrap my hair in a turbie turban while I dry off, then work in 4 pumps of the styling cream in, comb and scrunch my hair into place. When it's dry, I rub some of the texture balm over my hands and scrunch that into my hair. I have tried other products, but WEN works best for me, I do wash with a purple shampoo about every two weeks : Clairol Shimmer Lights.

Stephanie Powell

Saturday 5th of August 2023

Thanks for all the styles of grey hair.I love my grey hair.I put hair combs to hold it back(decorative Hair combs)


Sunday 14th of March 2021

Thank You, Elena for featuring Silver haired women in this article. We are growing in numbers, and we are showing the world that gray hair no longer means looking old! I am honored to be in this article along with so many gorgeous silver ladies! Adelina

Elena Peters

Sunday 14th of March 2021

Thank you so much for participating! Everyone looks so beautiful and I’m sure this article will convert a few more ladies over to our side.

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