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Winter Fashion Tips for Women with Gray Hair, by Real Women

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Several years ago I decided to stop dyeing my hair and embrace my natural salt and pepper tones. Since then I have allowed my hair to go completely gray and am really pleased with the results! One of the biggest things about being open about my gray hair has been the community of similar women who decided to ditch the dye that I have discovered.

The “Silver Sisters” (as they are known particularly on Instagram) are full of great ideas on how to manage and style (and, quite frankly, rock) salt and pepper, gray, silver and even platinum hair. 

As the winter season is here I reached out to the Silver Sisters to ask for their best fashion tips and advice for great clothes to wear that suit gray hair over the colder months, whether it is chunky knits, clothes for shopping or outfits for festive parties. 

So, what are the best winter fashion styles and colors for women with gray hair?

All of the women featured have given permission for their beautiful gray / salt and pepper / silver hair images to be used and you can find a link to their Instagram accounts below each image. Some were also kind enough to send me their own tips on how they like to style themselves.

I love the neutral tones that Cheryl and Mildred have used here. They are both different looks, but both look fabulous and their outfits really suit their silver hair.

Cheryl: Take pictures!!! What you think looks good doesn’t always translate in real life. Take baby steps. Find someone in magazines, Pinterest or Instagram whose look you’re drawn to. Then see if you can replicate it in some way for yourself.

Mildred: Being a woman in my 60s, I like to dress in layers – light weight tops, chunky sweaters, & scarves. I also like fashion boots and Dr Marten boots. 

Tracey: Which colors look best with grey hair? All of them! I’ve found that colors that looked good before look better now. On the flip side, the colors that weren’t right for me are still just not right.

Fransje: With the current temperature I prefer to cocoon. So my clothing has to be about comfort and feeling good. Knitwear is the first thing I’m drawn to when shopping. 

Aysegül at Rawthyself is a Spiritual Life Coach who spends a lot of time outside in nature. I love the pairing of long coats with floaty tops – particularly this gray one!

Jineen Marie: Don’t be afraid to embrace all different colors even in the winter and go ahead and wear that funky coat or hat! If it feels like you, then be you!

My favorite things about April‘s Instagram are her amazing coats and use of color and print. April: My best tip is to wear what you love, mix it up and be playful!

Sallyann: I think fashion is more about being confident in whatever you wear, If you look confident you look great and it beams through. My winter go-to are chunky boots and chunky knits over a dress/skirt or trousers. I love a statement coat and bag and accessories can turn a simple turtleneck into a fabulous piece. 

MMM Winter Fashion 7 Perrsnicketelifestyle
Check out April on her Instagram here!

I love Patrice‘s blog use of color and I’m envious of how great she looks in hats. Patrice: If I could do it all over again, I would have gone gray a lot sooner.

Virginie (looks great in neutrals (although check out the fabulous leopard print / thigh high boot combo on her Instagram! I love this combination of a camel colored coat over a black and white striped top and dark pants.

MMM Winter Fashion 9 Patrice
Check out Patrice on her Instagram here!

Heren likes denim. Her instagram has lots of great ideas for pairing denim with other items – check out how she styles a denim dress for the colder months!

Ewa: I think it is about finding your color scheme which will really make your hair, skin and eyes pop. We only too often buy safe colours like black, camel, grey, navy. Especially for investment pieces like a quality winter coat. Some people look great in those classic neutrals, but even them need a smaller or bigger pop of colour to bring their eyes and lips to life. I am not great with colour, but I am becoming more and more courageous and experimenting also with unusual colour combinations. The next thing I would like to master is patterns.

Thin Latin Moose: Wear a scarf, keeping the heat in round your neck is important, think about adding some colour there next to your face which will flatter your cold skin! And protect your lips, give them extra TLC in winter. I don’t think there are many colours that don’t suit silver hair. The more vibrant the better!

Renee: I do my best to shop my closet and add a few fall/winter pieces to my current wardrobe. Jewel tones work the best for me. The dark ones specifically – black, navy or burgundy. This is a good contrast with our silver gray hair.

Zoe likes to mix and match colors, styles and textures. In this outfit she has included a pop of gold with a bright skirt underneath the neutrals of the rest of her outfit. 

Ellen: I don’t wear a lot of blazers / jackets. But when I do, they’re plaid!

And finally, I wanted to include Sally in the article because I love her use of color, style and textures in what she wears. Sally has platinum hair but I think her fashion sense would also suit lots of women with silver hair too!

Sally: Use colour! Embrace it because anything goes with platinum locks and keeps life bright. 

With so many fantastic, elegant and funky outfits to suit women with gray hair of all ages, what are you waiting for? Thank you to all the incredible women that gave me their winter fashion tips

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