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Are You Thinking About Dyeing Your Transitioned Grey Hair?

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I love my grey hair. Most of the time. But there are also many times when I feel like going back to dyeing my hair. If you are going through one of those moments right now, I want you to know you are not alone.

When I was younger, one of the ways that I expressed my individuality and creativity was through my hair. Long one day, short the next. Almost black to blond to red. I loved change, especially if I was bored or wanted a quick pick me up. I never wanted to be one of those women who at 60, still wore their hair and did their makeup the same as they had done during their twenties. Sure, I rocked big hair and blue eyeshadow in the 80’s, but looking at pictures now, I chuckle.

I transitioned to grey hair almost 5 years ago. Thankfully long before March 2020. I probably would have lost my mind when salons shut down. I have to admit I was a little giddy thinking about other women scrambling to keep up with their roots. But I was also really glad to see many more women embrace their grey hair and transition, though initially by duress because of the circumstances.

Now that things are opening up and many are heading back to work in person again, I imagine those that made the change over the past year are probably re-thinking their transition. That is totally understandable. And if you decide to go back to dyeing you hair, I will not judge you. You do you. Whatever makes you feel good, do it.

But please, make sure you give it good thought before you do. Dyeing your hair is an instantaneous change. Deciding to go back to grey after that, is not. It takes a long time and let’s be honest, your hair looks like crap for awhile. When you were working from home and not allowed to go out or see anybody, it didn’t matter. No one saw you. Not so much when life resumes as normal.

Thankfully, I don’t need to worry about going back to an office because I have worked at home for years. And I am a homebody anyway so outside pressure doesn’t really affect me. But that doesn’t mean the thought of walking into a salon and getting a funky new hair colour and look hasn’t crossed my mind lately.

Thinking about going back to dyeing your hair will probably come up in your mind at least once a year. If you are prepared, you can thwart any rash decisions that are not so easily reversed. I hope the following tips help you get past your thoughts about covering your grey hair again.

So how do I get past the urge to dye my grey hair when it comes up?

  1. Remember why you transitioned. For me, transitioning to grey hair was a no-brainer. I am absolutely terrible at upkeep. Though I love the feel and look of freshly dyed hair, it doesn’t take long for that to pass. In about three weeks, my roots look awful and I know I won’t go for touch-ups. I just can’t be bothered. I remind myself that I may not like my grey hair right at this moment but I absolutely hate hate hate the way my hair looks with grey roots much more than a full head of grey hair.
  2. Don’t let anyone else’s rude comments sway you. I am sure you have read comments in posts about grey hair that say grey hair ages you. You may have even had people say it right to your face. Not cool. But still very hurtful. Remind yourself that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Their opinion may be molded that way because they have adopted what the media and society has ruled what a women over 50 should look like. Or that everyone should chase youth. Personally, I don’t care. Ageing is beautiful and a privilege. Don’t let anyone make you think differently about growing older or make you feel bad about yourself.
  3. Treat yourself and your hair. Going to the salon can be a lot of fun. Who doesn’t like to be pampered? Maybe you just need a new hairstyle or to have your makeup done or to be taught the proper colours to wear for grey hair. Or maybe getting your nails done will make you feel great. Treat yourself to a spa day. If money if tight, you can give yourself a facial at home or deep condition your hair for a little pick me up.
  4. Spice it up. Getting bored with my grey hair is probably number one on my list of reasons for wanting to go back to dyeing my hair. The way I combat those thoughts is by spicing up my hair with accessories. Hair chalk, clips, and hair extensions go a long way to infusing fun back into my style. I love my fake pony and bun. I have also thought about getting a wig in a colour I would like to dye my hair. That way I could have my cake and eat it too! lol
  5. Give it time. I know from past experience that the thought of dyeing my hair will pass. I just have to be patient. What I usually do is say to myself, “If you still feel like this one week from today, I give you permission to give in.” And guess what happens? A week from then I’m not even thinking about it. I have totally forgotten that I was even thinking about dyeing my grey hair.

I know if you are reading this article, you are struggling with the idea of going back to dyeing your transitioned to grey hair. It’s hard and the emotions are probably quite intense. Relax. Think. Wait it out. Don’t react quickly and the thoughts are sure to pass. If you have jumped and dyed your hair, enjoy it and remember you can always go back to grey hair when you are ready.

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Friday 5th of April 2024

I deal with this daily. I used to have long thick gorgeous (dyed) blonde hair. Now, I have grown out the gray to about 60% of the medium hair length. I refuse to dye blonde again because of how long it takes to do that, but I am struggling with the styling and the texture. I try to style it with old school hot rollers or the big barrel curling iron, like I used to, but it looks good for 10 minutes, then I look in the mirror once I'm out of the house and it looks thin, stringy and ages me by 10 years. I don't have a hairdresser I trust to give me a flattering new style, and I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I'm never going back to dyeing, but how do I live with the change with confidence? Everyone tells me to keep it, so there is no pressure -- other than in my own head. The color I can love with, but the change from thick hair that was flawless to a stringy, frizzy, mop of thin tresses is stressing me out. I used to perform comedy and act plays and now I just don't want to even leave the house anymore, much less post photos of myself on social media showing commemorative events because I'm ashamed of how terrible I look. It's vain, yes. But I need to feel like I can face the world, the audience, and myself in the mirror. Any suggestions to get over this hump are appreciated. Thanks! :) And double thanks for this post because I seriously think about dyeing regardless of the support, but I agree with the author of this post, a lot of those feelings are coming from me trying to chase my youth, and that finish line has come and gone.

Celine Benjamin

Thursday 30th of November 2023

Whenever we go through situations like these and wonder “color the greys or change the color” I suggest we think in terms of how wonderful that I have this problem because I have hair of have this problem! There are those that don’t have hair to even encounter this issue


Saturday 30th of April 2022

I have had a wonderful gray streak for years and I’v been salt and pepper for 10 years! Why would I want to miss this phase?!! I remember looking in the mirror and going “ugh” and the thought of coloring my hair would pop into my head. You’re right it passes, but the best thing was going out and about and someone would say “I love your gray hair!” That took care of the thoughts of dyeing it again.


Monday 25th of April 2022

I loved this post! Someday I hope to have a lovely head filled with grey hair. :)

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