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Are you ready to take a step towards going natural and embracing your salt and pepper hair? I said good-bye to hair-dye over 2 years ago now. I have to admit I was really nervous about going gray cold turkey so I opted to transitioning to gray hair with lowlights. Basically that is the opposite of hi-lights and it helps hide the demarcation hair line while you are growing out old hair color.  Fully transitioned now, I love the way my hair feels and looks. It is so soft and no longer brittle from over-processing. Not to mention I have more money in my pocket! No need to run to the hair salon every 3 weeks to cover up my roots. 


What to wear with salt & pepper hair?

However, one of the things that really bothered me after letting my hair go gray was that none of my old wardrobe seemed to look good on me anymore. So I reached out to Jill Kirsh, the colour guru, for some help and tips on the best colors to wear with grey hair. She is an expert at choosing colors that won’t make you look pale and in fact she claims that the right fashion color choices make you look great, even without makeup. I am all in for that!


The difference between salt & pepper and grey hair

If you were born with brown or black hair like me, chances are that as you are transitioning to grey hair, you will probably notice that you have silver streaks of hair (natural hi-lites yay!) along with areas of your hair that are still close to your original colour. When you have that mix, you have salt & pepper hair. As time goes on, more and more of your hair will lose it’s colour (melanin). Then your hair will be either completely gray or platinum white. Natural blondes will go to the gray stage much faster.


Why is that difference important to know

According to jill Kirsh, the fashion colours that look good on you will be slightly different depending on how you have transitioned. So if you believe that you have gray hair, check out this post for the best colours to wear for you.


What Colors Look Best With Salt and Pepper Hair?

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1. Don’t wear camel, rust, avocado and ivory. Instead wear clear vibrant shades like royal blue, pure white, emerald and fuchsia.


2. Don’t wear yellow gold. Wear silver, white gold & platinum.


3. Don’t wear bronze, rimless or pastel eyeglass frames. Opt for black, pewter, navy or a deep royal purple.


4. Don’t wear coral, citrine and turquoise. Your jewels are lapis, onyx and ruby colored stones. P.S. Definitely set the diamonds in white gold or platinum. Just sayin!

Choose the right jewelry with your salt and pepper hair to look young and vibrant.

5. Don’t accessorize with tan or earth tones. Your go-to basic handbag, boots, shoes & belts should be black, true red and navy.

Choose the right accessories with your salt and pepper hair to look young and vibrant.
***NOTE: These tips are for salt & pepper hair only. Check out this post for gray hair mistakes and solutions.***


Need some foolproof guidance on colour choices for your salt and pepper hair?

Jill Kirsh has designed a wallet size customized swatch book that’s filled with pieces of fabric of all your best shades for your salt and pepper hair. You use it as guide for shopping for everything from tees, shorts and nail color to party dresses, jewels and stilettos! In addition to these being all your best shades, every color in your swatch book coordinates with each other, so you can have a wardrobe that totally rocks. You can shop Target or Neiman’s, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the hue!

Jill’s also has a line of products that are customized mineral based, fragrance free makeup kits filled with all your best shades for the eyes, cheeks and lips. All the lip products, blush and shadows are paraben free, all the products are cruelty free and are made in the USA and all these shades blend beautifully with each other and compliment the hues in your swatch book.

For Jill’s whole line of products or to book a personal consultation with her, see her website at Jill Kirsh Color.



Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with me Jill, and I look forward to featuring you again soon.

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