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Is your home always in a state of clutter?

Do you have trouble finding things?

What you need to do is get organized. And sometimes the simplest tool is the best tool. Take the ordinary Magazine Holder. You probably use one or two in your home office to organize papers, files and books. But did you know that it can do so much more than that? You can literally organize every area of your home with them. And the fact that you can buy them at the dollar store is a bonus. For full tutorials, be sure to click the corresponding images.

But if you want to go that extra frugal mile…here is two posts I found that show you how to make your own magazine holders using items you probably already have in your home:

These green magazine holders with white polka dots are great for organization.

Source: A Box Full of Lemons


These cereal boxes decorated with wrapping paper are great magazine holders.

Source: Everyday Dishes


And for those that like to shop from home:

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21 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Whole Home With Dollar Store Magazine Holders


For the Home Office:

Printer stand and paper holder

Always keep your printer paper handy with these sturdy Plywood Magazine Holders.

These plywood magazine holders under the printer save desk space.

Source: Time With Thea


Modem and Wire Holder

Keep your desk area clean and uncluttered by hiding the equipment and wires.

Hide equipment and wires in this magazine holder.

Source: Design OCD


For the Bedroom:

Night stand and charging station

Take you phone to bed with you? Yeah, me too. Never forget to charge your gadgets by building this little table with Legs.

This night stand and charging station is perfect for saving space.

Source: Brick City Love


Corner Shelf and Catch All

Do you have a corner that doesn’t fit anything? This shelf is perfect for it. Give a wooden magazine holder a coat of paint or Wood Finish Penetrating Stain to match your decor for that custom look.

This wood magazine holder is a great nook to store items on the go.

Source: Design Sponge


For the Kid’s Room

Cool Shelf and School Work Organizer

This looks so simple but oh so functional. Add a Wood Wall Shelf on top of magazine holders and you have the perfect organizer above a student’s desk.

These wood magazine holders are great wall accents to keep mail and books.

Source: The Organised Housewife


For The Kitchen:

Can Organizer

Perfect for those that like to stockpile. These Mesh Wire Metal Magazine Holders are sturdy and functional for all your pantry needs.

These organized cans of vegetables and soup keep the pantry in order.

Source: P B & J Stories


These magazine holders are great for storing potatoes and onions in your pantry.

Source: Mimis Crafty World


Pasta Holder

These Plastic Magazine Holders are perfect for holding spaghetti. Lengthwise or standing up, keep your pasta from spilling all over the floor.

This magazine rack is great for storing spaghetti.

Source: Mom With A Prep



Cutting Board Holder

Use Command Plastic Hooks to secure a magazine holder to the inside of a kitchen cabinet.

These magazine holders inside the cabinet make great organizers for cutting boards.

Source: Smart Aleck Studio


Tupperware Lid Holder

This silver magazine holder is great for storing container tops.

Source: BHG

Paper Goods Holder

This Dollar Store magazine file is great for storing paper goods.

Source: Organizing Made Fun


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Water Bottle Holder

These decorative file holders make great water bottle organizers.

Source: BHG


Kitchen Wrap Holder

This file holder is perfect aluminum foil storage.

Source: Pretty Providence


For the Bathroom:

Hair Appliance Holder

Secure a Large Mesh Steel Magazine Holder with Command Hooks to the side of your bathroom vanity to organize your styling tools and keep them out of your way when not in use.

This magazine holder in the bathroom is perfect blow dryer storage.

Source: Life Hacker


Toilet Roll Holder

This magazine holder is the perfect toilet paper storage.

Source: Pinterest


For the Craft Room:

Organize craft supplies

This wall of magazine holders is great for organizing various colors of yarn.

Source: Laughing Purple Goldfish


Organize Gift Wrapping Supplies

Place several magazine holders inside a Rattan Storage Basket to keep small supplies organized and grouped.

These magazine organizers are great for storing wrapping supplies like bows and tissue paper.

Source: I Heart Organizing

Organize Bags

Hang Transparent Plastic Magazine Holders inside doors and cabinets for a clean organized look.

These transparent plastic magazine holders are great for storing paper bags.

Source: BHG


For the Laundry Room:

Hanger Holder

This magazine holder makes a great hanger holder for the laundry room.

Source: Pinterest


For your Closet:

Organize Summer Footwear

These magazine holders are perfect flip flip organizers.

Source : HGTV


Organize your clutches and accessories

These magazine holders are great for organizing wallets.

Source: Perpetually Chic

I bet this list will inspire you to find more ways to organize your whole home with magazine holders. And for a lot less money than you thought!


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