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At the end of every school year, students will compile their summer to do list. Traveling is usually at the top as well as some concerts or new experiences like rock climbing or hand gliding. But when the end of August rolls around, they are filled with regret that they have barely crossed anything off and have wasted all of their free time. They vow that next summer they will be more pro-active and diligent in fulfilling their list. But will they be?


As we approach middle age, our thoughts turn toward making a bucket list. Sometimes those very same things that we pledged to do as teenagers are on it. So how different is it? What are the chances you will conquer it? Probably nil, just like those summer promises. But with one big variant. There is no “do over” or next life we can try again in. This is it. None of us know how much time we have left. So why bother making a list if we are going to keep putting such extreme wishes on it. Yes, travelling the world would be great but if financially it’s impossible, why torture yourself?


The whole purpose of the bucket list is to realize time is finite and that we must live for today, to make every minute count and enjoy life. Well I propose that if you truly want to up your happiness factor, you need to kick that bucket list and make a f@ck it list.


The concept just caught my attention this week when I read “Why I have a f@ck it list in addition to a Bucket List” in the Huffington Post by Kathy Gottberg. It struck me that instead of holding on to the notion of a bucket list filled with anticipated experiences that may improve my life and make me happy, a f@ck it list could do that instantly.


So here is my f@ck it list:


  • I will never be a size 7 again so f@ck it. I’m going to throw out the scale and just try to improve my health and ensure an active old age. If I go down a dress size that’s a bonus but skinny me is not a realistic goal and just makes me unhappy pursuing it.
  • I am an extremely optimistic and happy person. I’m just made that way. I will always think of the glass half full. Unbelievably, that makes other people uncomfortable. They either try to bring me down or make me feel unworthy for the blessings in my life because they themselves have been dealt a bad hand. I’m sorry but I will no longer apologize for being a positive person. (Damn, that’s that Canadian in me.)
  • I have made a lot of bad choices in my life. Some because of my own stupidity but some because I didn’t follow my own heart and listened to what other people thought I should or shouldn’t do. From now on I will listen to my own instincts and not let outside influences defer me from what I want to do with my life.


What would be on your F@ck it list? Please share in comments.

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