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I have no regrets from my first marriage. It lasted 16 years and bore me 2 great kids. It wasn’t a bad break-up, we were young and drifted apart. I have a lot of great memories.

When it ended, I swore I would never do it again. I liked my freedom and discovering myself. It is a total shock to me that I did take the plunge a second time.

Yes, I am lucky to have found love twice. But what if I didn’t? Would I still be searching for someone to grow old with? Would I hate being alone? Would I sacrifice myself in exchange for a warm body to lay beside me at night?

I am told I don’t understand from my single friends because I have somebody. True but I like to think I wouldn’t settle either. I listen and watch as strong, independent women fall into relationships with total losers. Yes, selfish, inconsiderate, Peter Pan, card carrying, losers.

Why? I don’t get it. Because then you are not alone? So you can say you have someone? Really? Heaven forbid I actually say something.

I’m amazed that women over 50 can create the same drama a 21 year old can when starting a new relationship. You would think that older and wiser would make the approach different but it doesn’t.

You would think that their standards later in life would have raised the bar but I’ve seen it drop so far down that a five year old would have trouble to limbo under it.

And the absolute worst part is watching these single women overlook so many incompatible, annoying traits in their new loves only to be dropped like a hot potato when the “man” finds one flaw in the woman they don’t like.

There are good men out there. I promise there are but if you keep jumping on the first and easiest Dick that crosses your path, you may miss him.

Relax, it will happen. And if not, statistically speaking women outlive men so I will be alone in my old age too and we can shack up like the Golden Girls. I like to think I would be Blanche but chances are my sarcasm puts me closer to Dorothy.

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