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Does trying something new scare or overwhelm you? Usually, I ask that question and people jump to their big fear and say “Yes, it scares me.” But you don’t have to start with the big fears. (flying, heights, clowns,) You can start with much smaller fears. When you do that, you learn how to work through your anxiety in much smaller doses. You then gain confidence and a willingness to try bigger things. It’s like pushing a boulder down a hill. It will pick up momentum.


5 New Things To Try Today That Won’t Scare You

  1. Take a Different Route to Work. Seems simple right? We’re such creatures of habit that we usually get to work on our own internal autopilot. Ever get halfway to work and realize that you don’t remember most of the drive? When that happens to me I always feel like lost time that I can’t get back. Taking a different route keeps you engaged in the drive….which turn do you have to make? Some studies also indicate that this type of activity stimulates your brain to think creatively because it’s doing something that it’s not used to doing. In a situation where you can’t drive a different route? Try parking in a different parking space.
  2. Try a Different Food. We all get stuck in food ruts. Eating the same thing week after week. But these changes don’t need to be drastic. Like hamburger? Try a turkey burger or a veggie burger. Even this red meat lover admits they are pretty good. Only eat fried chicken or chicken strips? Try roasting a chicken or small turkey. Yes, just a small change from frying to roasting can count as trying something new. It’s not about going from fried chicken to eating live crickets. Any small change is a step in the direction of trying something new. Now if you want to take it a step further, then do it. Find a recipe you’ve never tried before and make it. Have fun, Pinterest is loaded with lots of different recipes to try.
  3. Try a Different Workout. Not only will trying a different workout get you out of a rut, it will help you by using your muscles in a different way. If you like to run, which is very solitary, it’s time to try a team sport like volleyball or basketball. Are you a Cross Fit fan? Then try yoga. Never exercised before? Then go for a walk. Changing up workouts is a good way to let certain muscle groups rest while others are working harder. Plus it challenges your muscles to work in different ways, which allows them to stay more flexible and can reduce injuries.
  4. Try to Go It Alone. Always do things in groups? Time to try doing something alone. Take yourself out on a date. Go to dinner or a movie or an art gallery by yourself. Now all the choices of what to do next are yours and not left up to a group debate. For some people, this might be near the top of big fears, but if you start small you can overcome this fear.
  5. Try Coloring. This is a great first step for anyone who wants to be artistic but doesn’t know how or is afraid that they won’t be good enough. Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore and right now coloring books for adults are a big craze. So jump on the band wagon and grab some crayons or markers and let your inner artist out (or is that inner child?)  Coloring has been known to relieve stress and I know we can all do with a little bit of that.


Trying something new doesn’t have to be drastic. I hope these five ideas stimulate your imagination for other ways that you can try something new. I’d love to hear what new things you have tried recently.

This piece Is written by Jennifer Koshak and first appeared on Unfold and Begin

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