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7 Space-Saving Tupperware Storage Ideas

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What tends to be the most disorganized item in my kitchen? Tupperware, hands-down. Firstly, what is up with missing lids? Like socks in the dryer, I am not sure where these things go. Secondly, I either have a ton crammed into my cupboard or none at all! What is up with that???!!!

I know I’m not alone in this. I’m determined to find a solution for the both of us. So this week I went into research mode. Fortunately, Pinterest is full of creative and effective ideas for how to finally get that Tupperware cabinet under control. Hopefully one of the 7 space saving ways below will suit your needs.

But before you jump into any of the Pinterest solutions below, you need to run through these 7 essential steps first:

How To Organize Food Storage Containers

1. Pull out all of your Tupperware

Before you can start organizing your Tupperware, you’ve got to see exactly what you’re working with. Go through your whole house and round up every stray piece of Tupperware you can find. Check every cupboard, every lunch bag, the dishwasher… and don’t forget about the car!

2. Match up lids to bottoms

We all know the annoyance of grabbing a Tupperware bottom and digging through a pile of seemingly every lid except the one that matches it. Once you get your Tupperware well-organized, you may never have to know that struggle again! But first, you must make sure every bottom and each top has a mate.

3. Throw out all unpaired or damaged pieces

This should go without saying, but so often we hang onto a piece with no mate, feeling bad about throwing it out because the mate’s got to be out there somewhere, right? And those dented lids that don’t quite close, or the bottoms that are starting to crack? Toss them out! Do check the number in the middle of the Tupperware’s recycling symbol to see if your community gives the option to recycle the plastic.

4. Re-deploy

Consider if any of the pieces that you never seem to use in the kitchen could be used elsewhere in the house – only if they are in good shape, of course. Do you need a container for spare change or a box to store thread for the sewing machine? You might have the perfect container for the job taking up space in your kitchen cabinet right now.

5. Make a plan that lets everyone be accountable

Some people like all of their Tupperware to match and have the same colour lids. I personally prefer having different colour lids for organizational purposes. You could have a different colour lid for each size, so you can find the matching lid fast. Or, as we do in my house, every family member gets a different colour. Sandwich-size is our most-used size at home, so everyone starts with 5 of them. I write everyone’s names on the lids and initial the bottoms with a permanent black marker. This way, when some start to disappear, I know who is not returning them!

6. Give your Tupperware a home

After you look at how much Tupperware you have, decide on a home that’s the right size to store it all. Make sure it’s a spot that’s easy to access – not only to make things easy to find but also to make it easy for everyone in the house to put them away properly without a fuss.

7. Inform your housemates

Label the spot where your Tupperware is going to live and let everyone in the household know. Go over any new ideas you are implementing, such as giving everyone certain sizes or colours, and how to properly put the pieces away.

Did you run through those 7 necessary first steps? Now you can start getting organized!

Here are 7 of the best ideas I’ve come across on Pinterest for efficient, organized Tupperware storage that’s easy to keep up with:

The Best Tupperware Organization Ideas On Pinterest

Get separate plastic bins for the lids and bottoms, and label them! This way, every member of the household can put them away correctly without confusion.

Alternatively, you can store all of the matching bottoms and lids of the same size in the same drawer. These attractive fabric cubes are the perfect size for keeping the larger Tupperware boxes in order.

To keep those unruly lids neatly in line, here are some creative solutions: Corralling them in a magazine rack mounted to the door saves shelf space (just make sure your cabinet is deep enough!). You could also store your lids in a dish-straining rack. Many of them are small enough to be neatly stowed in a cabinet.

Tension rods are another great way to maximize your drawer space to keep Tupperware lids in line.

A CD rack makes a great alternative to the dish rack if you have mostly smaller Tupperware lids and a smaller space to store them.

A plate rack is yet another storage option for Tupperware lids. Storing the bottoms on the shelf right underneath makes it easy to find exactly what you need, all in the same place, and it looks so nice and neat!

If you are really handy, you can even build your own ideal storage shelf and drawer combo. Click through the pin below for the full tutorial. The bonus when making it yourself is that you can custom fit any space you want.

When you take the steps to get your Tupperware organized, it really will make your life easier! Even when you are in a rush, you’ll be able to find what you need, quickly and without making a bigger mess digging through disorganized stacks. With an easy, foolproof storage system, there will be no more excuses for a messy cabinet – everyone in your household will know right where every piece goes. Opening the Tupperware storage cabinet will no longer make you groan – once you employ some of these ideas from Pinterest, you’ll be smiling at how neat and tidy everything looks instead!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.