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10 Easy Organization Hacks That Will Help Create Your Dream Kitchen

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When I can’t find anything in my kitchen and it seems like it is always a mess, I avoid it like the plague! But worse, it costs me a ton of money because I don’t want to cook or bake in it. That translates to a lot of eating out which isn’t good for my wallet or my waistline. Here are some quick and easy organization hacks that I have implemented that will help me create my dream kitchen and get it back to being the heart of my home.

10 Easy Organization Hacks That Will Help Create Your Dream Kitchen

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The big & the bulky stuff

These are the items that take up so much room! They end up being thrown around, dented and scratched. They need to have their own home. These canvas storage boxes are great  to store large metal baking tins and they slide easily out of sight beneath a shelf. And when stored vertically inside the bins, look how easy it is to find the one you need when it is time to bake.

This organized pantry has a place for every baking dish.
Source: Everything Emmy

The plastic lid conspiracy

Seriously! Where do the lids go? And why when I open my cupboards does it seem like several are trying to escape by falling down? Well no more! Those suckers are getting their own custom made space.

Use adjustable drawer dividers to create different size holes for bottoms and tops. This makes it so simple to organize your food storage containers that your family will have no excuses when it comes to unloading the dishwasher and putting the plastic containers where they belong. And what a dream it is to find the appropriate container and lid when you need to store leftovers!!!

These containers are organized in the sliding drawer.
Source: The Neat Life

The can food stockpile-small spaces

I am seriously amazed at the number of uses for magazine holders. Placed on their backside, they perfectly hold a stockpile of canned goods. I love this wire magazine box because it is sturdy and visually keeps the space open and clean looking. If you line up several, side by side, use a simple twist tie to keep them all together.

This magazine holder is perfect for organizing cans of vegetables.
Source: Mom Prepares

A can audience

Don’t you hate it when you can’t find the can of soup you want? You know it is in there somewhere because you just bought it but where did it go?! If your hubby or kids haven’t scooped it up yet, chances are it is buried and you need to pull everything out to find it. Well, no more! Create a can audience with this 3-tier cabinet organizerThink about the money savings too! You are more likely to use up your stockpile and not buy more of what you already have.

This organized pantry is tidy and clean.
Source: I Heart Organizing

The stale chip war

On the rare occasion that I don’t finish a whole bag of chips in one sitting, I usually roll the top and shove it in a kitchen cabinet. What usually happens is 1) the bag opens up and goes stale, 2) it spills everywhere and then 3) I toss it in the garbage and open a new one. Using large command hooks and chip clips, will not only keep your pantry neat and clean but will help you finish that bag to the bottom without it going soggy.

This pantry has a place for every cereal box and chip bag.
Source: Fennel Seeds

Water bottle inventory

I don’t know about you but these gorgeous, colourful insulated water bottles have taken over some of my cupboards. Half the time, I can’t find the one I am looking for and end up buying a new one. This wine rack is the perfect holder to organize all your portable drink containers.

These water bottles are perfectly organized and in order.
Source: Ideas At The House

Wrap it up

Where do you keep all your of your plastic wrap and foil? Shoved in a drawer? I bet it is real easy to access when you need it, not. This is another great way to use wire magazine holders outside of the office. Just attach one to the inside of a cabinet door with small tack screws or Command Strips.

This magazine holder is great for storing plastic wrap.
Source: Beneath My Heart

The unruly junk drawer

It is the embarrassment of every kitchen yet the most useful drawer in the whole house. It is the home for all the important little stuff. Too bad you can’t find anything in it even though you are sure it is in there. You need to pull everything out, line the drawer with slim storage trays, secure them in place with Command Strips, and then label each space. And when you have discovered how to getting everyone else in the house to return these items to the proper space, you will be the perfect happy homemaker. Let me know your secret.

This drawer has an organized area for every office supply.
Source: Organize Your Stuff Now.

The pit under the sink

I can not tell you how many times this space under my sink has been flooded by the dishwasher. That is why I hate having anything on the bottom of this cabinet that is not easily removable and water proof. When I saw this idea for using an adjustable tension rod to hang all of my cleaning products, I was all over it. Look how easy it is to see each bottle and more importantly, they are off the bottom, freeing that space up for buckets or plastic boxes.

These cleaning supplies are organized and decluttered.
Source: Jen Thousand Words

The proper tools for baking

Wouldn’t you bake more if you were more organized and had all your tools in one place? Sure you would. It is so nice when everything you need is easily accessible. I love this conversion chart and the way the measuring cups and spoons are labelled for those of us who need reading glasses.

I hope I have inspired you to organize your kitchen drawers, cabinets and pantry. It will make your life so much easier and it will be a pleasure to cook and spend time in your new dream kitchen.

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Wednesday 9th of October 2019

The wine rack for water bottles is GENIUS!!! I am so tired of the mess they make in my cupboard.


Sunday 4th of November 2018

How you keep the cups and spoons from banging and clanging every time you open and close the door if they are attached with hooks? I would find that extremely annoying. Also, where can you get thin tension rods without paying a lot?


Wednesday 6th of July 2022

@RW, I highly recommend taking a hot glue gun to the outside of each spoon/scoop. You can do a full, thin layer to stop clanging noises and resist slipping or just a couple small dots where the metals would meet each other to stifle noises. Cheaper than buying bumpers since most households already have a hot glue gun and glue sticks lying around.


Friday 4th of January 2019

Get a sheet of those little silicone bumpers

Elena Peters

Monday 5th of November 2018

I have them hanging on the door of my baker's cupboard, so I don't go in there unless I need them but I can see how that can get annoying. I found my tension rods at the dollar store. Have you looked there?


Thursday 16th of February 2017

You have no idea how stressed my baking cabinet makes me! I am totally giving your ideas a try!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.