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The Biggest Challenges Of Getting Older

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Getting older is something that happens to all of us. And while a lot of people try to put a positive spin on it, there’s no denying that it can be challenging at times. 

Psychotherapists have known this for a long time. As a group, they recognize that older people face unique problems that the younger generations don’t have to confront, namely their mortality and Father Time.

In this post, we take a look at some of the biggest challenges of getting older, and how to deal with them. 

Addressing The Challenges Of Aging

Purpose And Drive

When we’re young, we have a tremendous drive to succeed. Everything we do, from work hard at college to grind away in our careers comes back to the same impulse – the need to make your life a success

But when you get older, it’s harder to have the same attitude. If you only think you have a few years to go, you don’t have the same mental energy to take on big projects, such as new relationships or career changes. It all just feels too much. 

The solution, of course, is to create new, manageable challenges for yourself. They don’t have to be as big as they were in your younger days. But they still need to get you out of bed in the morning. 

After all, your golden years have been what you have been looking forward to your entire working life. This is the time to realize your dreams, not shy away from them. And if you think you are too old to start over, a quick Google search will prove you wrong.

New Health Problems

As you get older, the risk of contracting virtually all diseases goes up. People in their seventies are over a thousand times more likely to develop cancer than those in their twenties. 

There are also socially challenging health problems that people face. For instance, urinary incontinence can be an issue for many. There are solutions but that doesn’t mean that these events are easy. They’re not. 

The trick here is to take a relaxed attitude to age. We’re all getting older. And, for the most part, there’s not a great deal that we can do about it. But we can think positively about our lives and see our advanced years as a sign of success. After all, we’re still here. 

The key is to embrace healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle, no matter your present state of health. From keeping current health conditions at bay to ensuring more active, healthy years to come, taking care of yourself will benefit you immensely as you grow older.

Daily Living

As you get older, daily living can become a challenge. It can be hard to climb in and out of the shower, or even dress yourself. 

Interestingly, though, most older adults prefer to live independently, without the help of others, something which can create difficulties of its own. 

The good news is that daily living is getting easier. People who would have had to go to a care home in the past can now thrive at home, thanks to new products and services. 

From at home care to meal delivery to maid service, you can get the help you need with a click of a button. It is still important to try to stay as active and as healthy as you can but it is nice to know that you can still retain your independence and get the assistance you need when and if you need it.


When you’re young, you take getting around for granted. It’s easy to go from one place to another, by bus, car or even on foot. Not to mention, a multitude of friends that will pick you up and drive you anywhere at the drop of a hat.

As you get older, though, even a quick trip to the grocery store can become a challenge. Especially if you no longer drive or have any friends or family that are close enough to help you out.

Today there are other options, such as uber, or strollers and electric scooters. But they usually only provide solutions for very local trips, such as a walk to the shops at the end of the road.

But you shouldn’t let that limit you. If you still have an adventurous side, you can find many bus and train tours especially for seniors. This will allow you to explore further and safely with a group of people. And who knows, you may even make a few new friends.

Perhaps the best solution to mobility issues is to continue working on your balance and fitness, strengthening your body from within. This will help you no matter what your physical demands are on a daily basis.

While you may face many challenges as you grow older, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a happy, fulfilled life. Accept your shortcomings and make adjustments so that you can continue to thrive.

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