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Women in their fifties and beyond are the most confident, self-assured people I know. It’s great to see older women embracing life with gusto, trying new things, and proudly breaking all the rules set before by previous generations of seniors.

We are not going to sip lemonade, sitting in a rocking chair on our front porches watching life go by. We are going to fight ageing all the way.

It’s a battle, that’s for sure. Our hair is going gray. Our skin is becoming more translucent and pale. Our metabolism is slowing down. So we color our hair and moisturize and exercise. We eat right. We hydrate. We rest. We are doing everything right to ensure that we have many vibrant years ahead of us.

We take care of the inside. It’s time for the outside to reflect that.

I hear so many women over fifty saying they feel invisible. Some are ok with that. Others are not. It’s not that they crave attention. They just want the world to appreciate the accomplished, beautiful women they have become.

 So what is the Best fashion tip for women over 50?

My mom’s friend turned ninety a few weeks ago and there was a party for her. You would never guess her age. I’m sure genes and her daily walking routine play a big part in camouflaging her age but it is her clothes that say to the world, “I still got it”.

She always wears bright, bold colors. How wonderful is that? She gets noticed.

Let’s face it, we can’t compete with young, slim, and a bottom you can bounce a quarter on. But I’m telling you, no one can rock color like a woman over fifty. Especially when worn close to the face, it brightens and makes your face glow. Color gives you swag. It puts a bounce in your step.

If you go look in your closet right now, is it filled with white, black and gray? I know, I know, we are practical and like good classic pieces but you need to spice it up girl!

If you are shy, you can splash color into any outfit with accessories. A scarf may be all you need. Don’t be a canvas of beige where it is hard to tell where your outfit ends and where your face begins.

Don’t be willing to fade into the background. Women over fifty deserve attention. Demand it.

Color yourself bold.

If you have transitioned to gray hair and don’t know what colors would look good on you now, check out Jill Kirsh, the color guru, in this article.

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