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So You Wanna Quit Your Job But Haven’t Won The Lottery

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Whenever I tell people that I am “retired”, I get the same response, “It must be nice”. Most of the time I know their statement is sarcastic in nature and rooted in curiosity. I usually will follow-up with how and why I quit my job over five years ago but I can tell they are not listening by the glazed over look in their eyes. Especially if I explain “that you too can quit your job.”

The perception is that I am rolling in money. In fact, I am not. We went from a two full-time income family to one and believe me, we feel it at times. Yes, money is a huge factor in having the opportunity and means to quit your job but I believe that in order to successfully transition away from traditional employment, you must possess 3 qualities.

Hint: Extreme hate for one’s job is not enough.

3 Must Have Traits You Need To Possess To Fulfill Your Dream And Quit Your Job


1. Passion

The ultimate focus of not working for “the man” should be a goal or purpose. If you simply enjoy sitting at home watching TV and eating bonbons, you will never sustain the will and stamina to make it without a steady pay check.

You must have passion. And it has to run much deeper than “I like gardening, travelling or want to start my own business, etc.”. Your thirst must be an absolutely, all-consuming desire to follow your passion. You must be willing to put that one aspiration above your other lifestyle choices.

The same can be said for a new mother that wishes to become a stay at home mom and not return to work. The focus of being there for your child everyday must be strong enough to curtail any roadblocks that will take away from the goal.

If you don’t have a passion in your life, I urge you to go out and try new things right now. Find out what would proffer you happiness to do everyday for the rest of your life.


2. Strong decision-making skills

Once you make the determination to quit your job, you will be faced with many more decisions. You have to become extremely radical in being able to decipher between your needs and your wants.

Initially, and maybe for the remainder of your life, you will be faced with a huge decrease in income. If you can not give up some of the frills in your life, your passion is not strong enough.

Believe it or not but cable, cell phone, new gadgets, cars, take out dinners, size of your accommodations, etc. are all wants. You do not need them to survive. If these things fall into the need column for you, again, you are not passionate enough about your focus. If you were, it would be easy to choose the passion over the things.


3. Persistence

Decisions are empty without action. You must cut and eliminate those wants. It is extremely hard. Believe me I know. But you must be persistent in your follow thru.

You will have good days when it is easy and bad days when you fall off the wagon, so to speak. Don’t beat yourself up about it but get back on track as quickly as you can.

Bottom line, it always comes back to passion. It IS the foundation that builds your success. I have met people who will live like paupers to stay at home with their children, write a book or be able to travel. Find your passion.

It is amazing how passion (#1), can make decisions easier (#2) and fuel your follow thru(#3).

I understand that for many of you, not having enough money even for the necessities, stops you from being able to quit your job. I realize that. You can, however, start the process.

Find your passion, make choices, follow thru and eliminate things now while you are still working. Start a side hustle, pay down that debt, save some money, plan and take steps towards your goal of quitting your job.

Do you have a passion? What are you willing to give up today so that you can quit your job tomorrow?

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