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Midlife Relocation: Will It Make You Happier?

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A physical move can be tempting in your 50’s, especially if you’ve lived much of your adult life in the same city or even the same house like I have. The midlife relocation could be to a nearby neighbourhood or on the other side of the globe. Ultimately the question is, will uprooting yourself like that make you happier?

Change is Exciting (and Terrifying)

Changing up where you live can be exhilarating. Think of what you could do in a new home, from transforming the wall colours to knocking down walls.

Now is the opportunity to make the place your own, which is especially inviting after a recent divorce, family loss or another significant event. The move signifies a fresh start with all kinds of wonderful opportunities to come from it.

On the other hand, moving means leaving behind memories in the former residence. That might include the wall where you marked the growth in inches of your child on the first day of school every year or another treasured remembrance.

Thankfully you can take those memories with you in your mind when you move across the country or even further away. To help make the transition easier, walk through each room before leaving to say a final goodbye to the beloved areas.

Immerse Yourself in a New Culture

If you want to learn more about another culture, what better way to do so than to engage in it fully? Moving to a different country often places you in the middle of a new culture where you have the fantastic opportunity to learn about history, food, arts, language, and more.

The realization that you’re in midlife and still have so much to learn about this new culture is both humbling and exciting. Look at the relocation as an opportunity to experience a new way of life and form new friendships along the way.

Make the most of this new phase in your life by choosing a flat that’s built to order like HDB BTO 2020. A custom home can provide you with exactly what you want, including many bedrooms and location. Feeling content with the place you call home is an amazing thing and may be just the thing to spark excitement in your second half of life.

Do What Makes You Happy

Now that you’re in midlife, you likely feel less urgency for more self-knowledge than when you were in your 20s. You know what your skills are and your weaknesses too. There’s a confidence that comes with self-awareness. You should enjoy and embrace who you have become!

Use that inner strength to test out the waters in a new home or in another opportunity that arises for you, like a career change or deciding to go back to school. What your “happy” looks like will not be the same as your best friend, spouse, or a neighbour, so it’s important to do what feels right for you. 

Also worth thinking about is the notion of pushing past your comfort zone. Whether that means a midlife relocation or not is something only you know; trust your intuition.

Sometimes taking risks can lead to a fantastic journey that you might not otherwise be on without taking that first vulnerable step. It can get easy to be set in your ways in the 50+ age group, and there’s comfort in that, yes, but there’s also likely a part of you that wants to try something new.

Who knows what awaits you in the coming years – there’s still a whole lot of life left to live!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.