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8 Fun Ways To Update Your Bedroom on a Budget

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Want to update your bedroom without breaking the budget? Room renovations can be costly, but there are some great ways to update your bedroom on a budget that works for you. 

To inspire your refreshed bedroom look, here are some affordable ways to update your bedroom. Pick up some new ideas on lighting, patterns, and soft furnishings. 

Affordable And Quick Bedroom Update Tips

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1. Invest in some fresh bed linen

Make your bedroom feel even more refreshing and relaxing than usual by investing in some new bed linen. 

Look for bed linen that matches your preferences. You might want something super soft and luxurious, or prefer something that’s designed to help you stay cool at night.

Update your whole suite of bed linen, including pillowcases, sheets, and covers, for a put-together look. Opt for something classic in a soft off-white, or use bold, colorful patterns to make a big impression on your room. 

I like to switch out my bed linen in the spring and fall. It is such an easy thing to do yet makes you feel like you have totally redecorated.

2. Replace your pillows

If it’s been a while since you bought new pillows, now might be the perfect time to replace them. Over time our pillows can flatten and feel less comfortable, so it’s a great idea to refresh them now for a better night’s sleep. 

Like with bed linen, choose a pillow that suits your style. Look for a pillow designed for your preferred sleeping position — whether you’re a side sleeper or you prefer your front or back. Choose between different material types like gel, foam, or feathers and read reviews to find the perfect style for you. 

3. Add color and texture through soft furnishings

Switching out your wallpaper or giving your bedroom a full renovation can be costly, but you can instantly update the look and feel through some carefully chosen soft furnishings. 

Keep your room to a neutral base, and use color and texture to add interest, theming, or design elements.

Give your room a color palette and look for cushions, curtains, blankets, and bed linen that work well together. Experiment with different textures and use this as another way to add interest and create a cohesive look for your restyled bedroom. 

4. Add a statement mirror

We all need a mirror to help us put together outfits or style our hair, but you could also make it a key feature of your newly redesigned bedroom. 

If you already have a great floor-length mirror, try adding a fun wall-mounted mirror with a boho, modern, or retro feel to tie your look together.

If you don’t have a full-length mirror, shop around for one that fits in with your new color scheme and look. Try second hand stores or Facebook Marketplace to score a bargain and pick up something unique. 

5. Update your furniture hardware

Replacing furniture can be expensive, and it’s often not necessary if you originally invested in high quality pieces. Instead, update your furniture hardware and swap existing handles and knobs for something that matches your new look. 

Measure up your handles so you know what sizes you’re working with, then look for replacements. If you’re going for a vintage look, see if you can source something from a specialist store or local marketplace. You could even buy replacement hardware and spray paint your handles to get any color combinations you want. 

6. Adjust your lighting

The lighting we use in our bedrooms can have a huge impact on the way the space looks and feels. If your bedroom doesn’t feel cozy, adjusting your lighting can make a big difference for a low cost. 

A great way to make your bedroom feel comfortable and relaxing is to swap out bright white lights for something warmer — like the Edison style lightbulbs that are back in style.

You can also use these bulbs as a design feature, as they look great without a shade. You could also experiment with color-changing LED bulbs and transform your space with any combination of colors using an app. 

7. Bring in some greenery

Bedrooms can often feel cold, especially if you appreciate a more minimalist approach to design and styling. Bringing in some plants helps you bring the room to life and adds a fresh layer of interest. 

If you’re great at taking care of plants, bring some of your favorites in from other areas of the house or invest in a handful of new house plants.

If plants aren’t your thing, try fake versions instead — you can get some great ones for affordable prices now. Fake and dried flowers can also make beautiful table arrangements or window accents in a bedroom. 

8. Experiment with the layout

Sometimes our bedroom just needs a little change around. Experimenting with the layout can transform your room into something completely different, at absolutely no cost at all. 

Before you start moving furniture around, draw a rough plan of your room and cut out shapes to represent your furniture. This will help you picture the room in different ways so you can see what works practically before you get moving.

Think about the flow of the room, how you use the space, and what makes sense with the position of windows and doors. If you need help, ask a friend or family member to join you to move things around and enjoy a drink together. 

Transform your bedroom on a budget

Giving your bedroom a makeover is a lot of fun, and it can be really affordable too. Choose a look and feel for your room, invest in a few key pieces, and work with what you already have to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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