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3 Vital Tips For A Successful Honeymoon

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It’s hard not to feel totally excited for your honeymoon. After the stress of planning a wedding, your honeymoon is the chance to relax and spend some much-needed time with your new spouse. A honeymoon is potentially the trip of a lifetime and the more you plan, the easier it will be!

For this reason, we hope to bring together some worthwhile advice that should help you feel confident, able and interested in curating a wonderful honeymoon, without having to plan overly or put yourself to work for the privilege. That said, no planning in a honeymoon can of course lead to friction, and that’s not what you want when celebrating your most joyful of celebrations.

The secret to a great honeymoon is that it doesn’t have to be too complex – you’re most likely to be focused on each other anyway. That said, we believe that considering your forward approach can be a healthy ways of enjoying the process without feeling put-out at any point.

Here are some great tips for creating a successful honeymoon:

Consider the Timing of Your Honeymoon

It’s fairly common for a honeymoon to occur shortly after the wedding has taken place, but this isn’t a necessity. When you’ve both decided and agreed upon where you want to visit, consider when you should go. Consider the annual leave your places of employment will allow, childcare availability, the main tourist seasons of your chosen destination and the pricing of high and low season hotels and flights.

If you have your sights set on a beach-oriented honeymoon but are getting married at a time where your honeymoon destination is experiencing colder weather (or even worse, tropical storms), why not wait a few months and book your honeymoon during the hotter months? 

Go For Scenic Views & Inspiring Environments

A great honeymoon trip is all about the location. Having a place where rolling vistas, great views or beautiful serene perspectives of the ocean can be extremely evocative, helping you relax in one another’s company, while also having the ancillary benefit of looking great in honeymoon photos. If you’re active, going for a hike in an awesome nature trail can be great. If you’re not so keen on being that intensely sporty, a lazy walk in a guided forest tour, or spending time in a canal boat, or simply enjoying a walk along the riverfront can work wonders.

Take It At Your Own Pace

When visiting somewhere new for the first time, it’s difficult to avoid booking everything that you can in order to make the most of your trip. However, while this may be a trip of a lifetime, make sure you take things at your own pace. You’ll never know just how valuable this can be, because the simple act of ‘needing’ to do something will sometimes rob you of the ability to just enjoy time with your partner, which is the purpose of a successful honeymoon.

Make sure that you discuss this in advance with your partner so neither feels obligated to do everything when you arrive. You may decide to spend an entire afternoon eating small courses of seafood, or spend time enjoying jetskis, or simply go swimming in the hotels’ pool for a while only to spend hours talking in the bar afterwards. The less compelled you feel, the more receptive you are.

Find The Right Suite

The best honeymoon suites are there to be enjoyed and to spend time in the right environment with your partner. Many hotels will make a special effort if you inform them that it is your honeymoon in advance, offering free upgrades, complimentary meals and drinks – don’t be afraid to enquire about any special packages for newlyweds on their honeymoon. 

Research Baggage Allowances

A honeymoon is not the time to be purchasing souvenirs for the whole family, but you may want to buy mementos of wonderful places that you have visited. Unfortunately, this also means that you will have to bring them home, and excess baggage comes with extra charges at the airport. Save yourself some time, money and worry by packing a capsule wardrobe to create space for any keepsakes that you pick up during your trip. 

Budget for Unexpected Additional Costs

When on your honeymoon it is likely that you will have some unexpected additional costs. Even small charges – Visa fees, transfers, tips etc – can all add up. Many city hotels have a daily “city tax” and resorts have “resort fees” that can be super expensive. Research into the average price of food and drink in advance, but be prepared that it will be a little more. You may also arrive at your honeymoon destination and discover an activity or day trip that you really want to try, so don’t miss out on experiences by not having the budget prepared in advance. 

Put the Technology Away

A successful honeymoon is all about you and your new spouse, so leave the technology in the hotel (unless you’re using it to take photos, of course). 

Above all, remember not to put too much pressure on yourself and your spouse when planning your honeymoon. Relax, take it at your own pace and enjoy!

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