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Best Tips For Your Midlife Wedding

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If the thought of a wedding conjures up images of couples in their early or mid-twenties, think again. Today, more people are choosing to tie the knot later in life, so midlife weddings are fast becoming the norm. Whether it’s your first foray down the aisle or your second or third wedding, follow these tips to create a day that’s memorable for all the right reasons…

Do it your way

Midlife marriages were once fairly sedate celebrations, but anything goes as far as your wedding is concerned. Intimate ceremonies are perfect for some people but don’t be afraid to go big if it suits your style. Perhaps you want to celebrate with all your friends in attendance. Maybe you’ll have a gaggle of bridesmaids. Or you might want to choose an iconic location and get hitched in public. It truly is up to you and you shouldn’t let other people sway you away from what you really want.

By the time you get to middle-age, you’ve had time to discover what you like and what you don’t, so use this to your advantage. Be bold in your choices and make the day your own in whatever way you choose. Even if that means parachuting off a mountain together.

My first wedding, as it is for many couples, was done exactly the way my parents wanted. After all, they were footing the bill. But my second wedding was exactly the way I envisioned it, on a beach in Cape Cod

Consider each other’s children

If you’re embarking on a second or third marriage, you may be blending two existing families together. Hopefully, everybody is on-board and happy for you both. But there can be some hurdles to overcome when it comes to honouring everyone’s feelings. You must be acutely aware that children from previous marriages, especially if they are young, can greatly impact your relationship and the success of your marriage. You should try to include them in your wedding plans.

If either of you has children, giving them a role in the wedding will help them to feel included in your big day. If you choose to elope, like I did, letting the kids in on the secret is a way to make them feel special. At the very least, they should be the first to know about your plans. Don’t hide it from them.

Seal the deal with rings

Unless your wedding is super spontaneous, you’re likely to choose your wedding rings well in advance. From classic rings with princess cut diamonds to delicate, understated wedding bands, there are plenty of styles to explore. Rings are very personal and an opportunity to reflect your own personal style. So if rings aren’t your thing, consider exchanging personalized necklaces or keepsakes instead. Or maybe, tattoos! Not that’s what I call commitment!

You wear your rings everyday. They should be something you each really love. And that means they don’t have to match either. Giving your fiancé something they truly love is more important than being traditional for the sake of it.

Find the right dress

I don’t care if you are 20 or 60, it’s your first or fifth wedding, you’re getting married on a beach or having an all out extravaganza, for brides it is all about the dress. Many midlife brides worry about finding the right dress or being age appropriate but there really is no need to panic. Finding your wedding dress should be fun! You can own any look you choose, so don’t hold back when it comes to choosing your wedding attire. Designers and stylists routinely create wedding gowns that suit women of all ages and sizes, so you won’t be short of inspiration. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for off the rack, visit a dressmaker instead. With the option to create something totally bespoke or to have a gown tailored to your exact requirements, you’ll look and feel a million dollars.

Reflect your personalities

Your wedding day should be a reflection of what you like, what you each care about and what is most important to you. So if you are bikers, get married on them. If you care about the environment, you could give away seedlings as wedding favours. If you are Harry Potter fanatics, name the tables at your wedding Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. You get the picture! Your friends and family will totally get it and love it. 

Enjoy Your Big Day

There are no rules when it comes to celebrating your wedding, so start with a blank canvas and fill it with things you love. When you cast off the generic trappings of a wedding and apply your own unique twist instead, you’ll be sure to enjoy your perfect wedding day. 

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