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4 Top Sustainability Tips For Homeowners In The Bathroom

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We all wish to have a more sustainable home for ourselves and our loved ones. And, because of the pressing climate change crises, it has never been so crucial to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle.

While we have all been trying to reduce the use of plastic bags and straws, the journey to zero-waste living is still long – and made of small steps! Taking it all in together at the same time can be challenging, but revolutionizing one room at a time is possible.

You can do it with a small budget and without design experience. Start with the tips below.

Sustainable Bathroom Tips For A More Eco-Friendly Home

Avoid Single-Use Products

When it comes down to make your bathroom more sustainable, it all starts from getting rid of those products that have a short life span before ending up in the bin and then in landfills – especially those that cannot be fully recycled! And, a quick look into your bathroom can help you identify several items that are made in plastic or are only single-use. 

Items such as razors, shampoo bottles, plastic toothbrushes, and shower cups will only be in your bathroom for a handful of days, but they might have long-lasting consequences for the environment. We are so accustomed to these items that we rarely realize that they are in our households, but you can swap them for more sustainable ones easily.

Shop Plastic-Free and Natural

Shopping only for plastic-free and natural products for your hair care, skincare, and beauty routine will require you to undergo serious research. Indeed, many items will be labeled in a certain way for marketing purposes, and they can be confusing. An example of this is some makeup products that are labeled vegan. While they might be vegan, they are not necessarily cruelty-free – and vice-versa! 

Some swaps that are easy for any homeowners include:

  • Shampoo bars instead of bottles
  • Safety razors instead of single-use razors
  • Soap instead of bottled body wash
  • Recycled toilet paper
  • Natural skin care products that don’t contain micro-plastics
  • Bamboo or electric toothbrush instead of plastic toothbrushes
  • Chemical-free cleaning products
  • Use toothpaste tablets

Depending on your bathroom and your routine, you are bound to find many more swaps. These will help you reduce packaging, minimize wastage, and save space in your bathroom. Of course, make sure you finish the products you have before buying new ones!

Bring In the Tropical Plants

Plants can help you decorate your bathroom in a sustainable and beautiful way. When picking the right plants for it, make sure you opt for those tropical varieties that are suitable for withstanding high levels of humidity and not so much sunlight. Plants in the bathroom can help you keep the air free while adding a special touch to it. 

Switch to More Efficient Appliances

Your appliances and the resources you use will always play an important role in your bathroom sustainability levels. So, you can save water at every flush by placing an upside-down cup in the tank. However, you can opt for more stylish alternatives such as sustainable shower heads. For a modern design that will bring your bathroom to the next level,  Faucets Canada provides high-end touchless faucets that can help you save water in style.

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Sunday 20th of December 2020

Hey Elena! You serially had me until you said "recycled toilet paper" i know what you meant but my mind went into the gutter. Great post!

Elena Peters

Sunday 20th of December 2020

Lol. Thanks!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.