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Moving Into a New House? Here’s A Checklist Of Things To Do

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Even if you don’t realize it, there’s a lot to do when you move house. Although moving when you have a family can be stressful and hectic, one of the most important things is to sort out the new home before moving.

Here’s a quick checklist of what you need to do before you can officially call yourself a homeowner:

Moving Day Preparations Checklist

1. Do a Complete Walkthrough

Before moving into a new house, you need to complete a walkthrough. There is no better time to look at a prospective home than when it is empty. You should look out for any repairs made by the previous owner, all utilities outlined in the house are specified, and ensure everything is working.

2. What Goes Where

You are advised to visit your new house before bringing your items to help you identify what fits where. It will help you save a lot of time and trouble deciding where to put your large furniture. Of course, you can change everything once you bring your items, but not ignoring this step will make your job easier.

3. Repairs and Renovations

It would help if you made changes to your house before moving in. Most people want to change their houses when they are already in them. For example, you might want a contractor for roof repairing, change the house paint to match your furniture and ensure all appliances are working. If it’s about roof repairing, you must contact experts at Big Al’s Roofing – Weston, FL as these professionals have years of experience with roof-related repairs and other services. Doing this before moving reduces the hassle of moving items as the house is renovated and prevents unnecessary accidents.

4. Pets and Children

If you are moving to a new house and have pets or children, you should do earlier scouting to ensure the place has the necessary childproofing. For example, you need to ensure all windows are installed and the locks are working correctly. In addition, there should be no hanging cords off the blinds, and you should identify places to store cleaning supplies, glassware and other dangerous substances safely.

5. Cleaning

Most people do not even remember to clean their houses before moving in. Now is the appropriate time to make sure you clean your house all through. you have the option of wearing gloves and grabbing the mop or hiring the services of a professional cleaning company

6. Meet Your Neighbours

After cleaning your house, you should make contact with your neighbors. Establishing rapport with your neighbours is essential to make interactions less awkward when you move in. Earlier interaction allows you to learn about your community and get recommendations for local services. A little friendliness will get you a long way.

7. Packing

At this point, you are satisfied with your new house. All that remains is setting a date for you to move. Once you set the day you will move, you should begin sorting your items into your valuables. Again, it would be best to donate or throw away objects that you do not need or replaceable.

By knowing your new house’s measurements, you can sort your items into different categories. In addition, it helps you rearrange things at your new home, or guide the moving company if you are not available.

Welcome to Your New Home!

1. Ask for Help

Organizing your new house can be a pretty daunting task if you are alone. However, you can solicit help from your children, family, and friends to ease your workload. It would also be a great way to introduce them to your new house.

It would help if you did not worry if your friends bail out at the last minute. Instead, you can hire some reasonably priced items to help you unload and carry the heavy items around.

2. Organize Your Cabling

When setting up your items in your new house, you need to organize your cables neatly. Visible cords not only make the place seem untidy but also are a disaster waiting to happen for your pet and kids. Cord organizers help you to bulk up your wires in a neat way.

3. Declutter

You might move into your house and find that you have excess furniture, utensils or even art. Moving to a new place is your opportunity to escape the hoarding behavior you might have noticed in yourself. Once everything is satisfactorily allocated within your new home, you should sell or store off excess utilities you might have. Remember, minimalist designs make your house look spacious and neat.

4. Locate Your Circuit Breakers

Once you have finished organizing your new house, it is now time to locate the circuit breaker. You will be required to change a fuse or reset the circuit breaker once it trips. You don’t want to search for it in the dark so that you can look for it early for such emergencies.

What Next?

1. Change Your Locks

Before moving to your new house, you had made contact with neighbors. Once you move in, your initial contact will pay off by asking for the local locksmith services. You can also do the replacement yourself, and it is your first step to securing your new house.

2. Store Your Spare Key

If you are entering a house that does not have keyless entry, you need to establish a secure place to store your spare key. There are numerous creative places where you can safely store your spare key, and under the welcome mat does not have to be one of them.

3. Alarms

Advancements in technology allow you to add inexpensive alarms to your door and windows. Your door and window are your first line of defense, and having an alarm system is your first step towards security. You might consider having a wireless security system if you have the extra finances, but having alarms will still serve the purpose.

4. Update Your Address

Welcome to the process of settling in your new house. At this point, you have completed all the tasks aforementioned above. Next, you should update your contact information to redirect all forms of communication to your new house. It includes your credit card information, mailing services, bank and insurance providers.

This checklist helps you easily transition from your older house to your new one. It is designed to avoid mistakes that usually happen as people move. Moving to a new home is quite a daunting task, and you should ensure that the thrill and motivation you get transition to your daily life at your new house.

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