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5 Money Saving Secrets For Tourists Travelling To Egypt

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Lately, with all the financial difficulties from recent global economic events, house-hold budgets are getting tighter, leaving very little room for vacationing and traveling. Most people think it is impossible to travel and experience new exotic locations with such a tight budget but, in this article you will learn five money saving secrets which will allow you to have your dream vacation in one of the world’s most fascinating tourist destinations, namely Egypt.

The following secrets are information I procured for you directly from the heart of the river Nile banks, from a born and bred Egyptian resident.

How To Experience Egypt On A Budget

1. Cut Costs, Choose Local Hotels

Most tourists are reluctant to try local hotels and often opt for the more world renowned five star hotels with familiar names. However, you can get a very decent clean room at one of the local hotels starting from $35/day. Remember, vacations in Egypt are more about the time you spend exploring Egypt, and with the activities that are outlined below, you will barely need to spend any time in your hotel.

It’s a good Idea to make reservations in two or three destinations in Egypt, to get the full Egyptian experience:

  • Spend 2-3 days in Cairo to get a feel for the urban lifestyle
  • Shopping for 3-4 days in Luxor
  • Then off to Aswan for the mystifying ancient Egyptian experience
  • And if you still have time, 2-3 days in one of the breathe-taking Egyptian beaches

Sounds expensive? Don’t worry, read on to find out how to reach all those destination with minimum damage to your bank account.

2. Travel in A Nile Cruise

So, you came to Egypt to experience some out of this world ancient civilization? The cheapest way to visit all those mysterious tombs and crawl into secret alleys inside massive temples is to book a Nile Cruise trip and save the plane ticket cost from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan ( where most of the ancient ruins are located). A Nile Cruise is a floating hotel that will take you there with all the serenity and peacefulness of the river Nile surrounding you the whole entire trip. Plus, you get to stop at every tourist attractions on the way.

A typical Nile Cruise lasts from 3 – 7 days. The 5 star brand name cruises will cost around $300/day because they are equipped with excessively lavish restaurants, pubs and pools. But, you can save those extra costs by choosing a 3 Star local cruise which would aptly fulfill all your needs for accommodation and is pocket-friendly with prices starting from around $75 /day. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time having a new and profound experience scavenging the remains of a great ancient civilization instead of hanging out inside a boat all day?

For more information on how to score a good deal on a Nile cruise, click here.

3. Hit the Egyptian Beaches … and Save Money

A vacation wouldn’t count as a vacation if you didn’t get the tan to prove it. So the next step is to find a beach destination in Egypt that is suitable for your taste and wallet. Most tourists are wooed into staying at a “Tourist Beach Resort” because that is where tourist who want to go to the beach should go. Right? No… Wrong!

Those tourist resorts are money-sucking pseudo-paradise spots. What you need to do to prevent all your cash from disappearing along the beautiful sunny Egyptian coasts is to abandon the “Resort” mentality. All resorts look the same no matter where you go, whether it’s in Egypt or that hotel resort two hours away from your home. What you need is a “new” experience.

How would you like to wake up surrounded by magnificent golden sand dunes with an infinite skyline that extends into a glimmering aquamarine sea where you are greeted by Bedouins. Then you get to taste some new exotic cuisine and enjoy the majestic experience of being at one with nature in a real paradise of beautiful white beaches, coral reefs and colourful fish. If you like this, then you will enjoy a camping trip in the red sea.

You get to sleep in the Eco-friendly (as well as Price-friendly) rustic reed cottages. The camps are equipped with clean bathrooms, hot showers, restaurant and a Bedouin tent with campfire . Most camps have a program of exciting activities like water-skiing, scuba diving, Bedouin style music and dancing. The most well known spots for camping are in Sinai and Hurghada. Instead of taking a plane, you can save and reach those destinations in a five hour bus trip from Cairo, that will cost less than $10.

For more information about camping in Egypt, click here.

4. Try Sand Boarding

Sand boarding is all the rage in Egypt these days. It is a new and daring way to experience the smooth amber desert dunes. Sand boarding is quite similar to snowboarding but you get to enjoy the warm golden sand at your feet. You don’t have to be too athletic to try it, having average fitness is sufficient for beginners. The whole trip only costs around $50 which includes BBQ dinner, sand boarding equipment, training and a two hour jeep ride from Cairo.

For more information about sand boarding, click here.

5. Walk like an Egyptian

When in Egypt you need to always be wary of scammers. While sight-seeing or shopping always negotiate the prices fiercely because vendors are known to state overly exaggerated prices for tourists. Make sure to research the prices of common items to get a feel of the price ranges before going on your trip. It is also useful to learn a few Egyptian words, that way you give the impression of being an old-timer in Egypt, which might decrease the chances of getting cheated in prices.

To put it simply you need to walk like an Egyptian, because acting like a tourist will only cost you ten times the travel expenses. So, follow these five insider Egyptian secrets and you will have a happy cost-saving vacation.

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