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4 Life Lessons That Will Improve Your Financial Situation

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It’s only when we get older that we realize that maybe we should have learned different things at school. While it’s good to know about geography and so forth, those things don’t really prepare us for day-to-day life once we’re in the adult world.

And alas, the lack of education can have some pretty damaging consequences.

Take your finances, for instance. If you were taught how to manage your money from an early age, then you’d be less likely to make financial mistakes in adulthood. 

Thankfully, it is never too late to learn how to take control of your finances, without even leaving your home. There are finance blogs, You-tube videos and online courses to help you change your bad money habits. Learning how to stop living paycheck to paycheck will change your life for the better and push your financial situation in the right direction.

It is easier than you think if you start by making small changes. Small changes can have a big impact on your money and thus spur you on to learn more and do more to improve your finances.

Let’s start with these:

Money Mantras To Adopt Today

I Can Earn More Money

Most people think that their salary is the only income they’ll have. But it’s not — or rather, it doesn’t have to be. For starters, there are plenty of little side hustles and passive income streams you can set up, if you’re motivated. The extra cash will go a long way to helping you pay down debt and/or establish an emergency fund. And who knows, you may even be able to change that side hustle into your full-time gig and be able to quit your job!

However, that’s not even the easiest way to do things. The best, most effective way to boost your income is to ask for a raise or a promotion. This is something that people rarely do, but, providing the company is doing well, many bosses are happy to oblige. They know that giving a raise or a promotion with a pay increase is far more effective and easier than hiring someone new, especially as the job responsibilities go up. You might give yourself a noticeable increase in cash just by asking!

If you know you are doing a great job and are worth more, ask for a raise in money or position. You don’t know unless you try. And if the answer is no, maybe that will be the nudge you need to look for a company that pays a better salary.

There Is Help Out There For Me

There is help all around you if you are willing to ask for it. You probably don’t even notice it’s there. Or maybe you are just too embarrassed to admit you are in a financial mess. But when it comes to your finances, it’s worthwhile stepping up and asking for help because it might just improve your financial situation immensely.

For example, if something goes wrong and it wasn’t your fault, then you may be entitled to financial competition. There are talented medical malpractice attorneys that can help you to get financial compensation if you’re the victim of medical negligence. If you’re fired for unjust reasons or been the victim of harassment, then employment lawyers can help. Or consider another scenario where if you get injured in a road accident, it will lead to financial loss. That’s where you need legal help from the best attorneys like to help you with your claims. Essentially, it’s worthwhile finding a professional to help no matter what goes wrong if you’re not to blame. 

But that is not the only way you can ask for help. Your friends, family and colleagues can help you too. Not in a monetary way but with your learning and encouragement. You will probably be surprised at how many people you know have been in your exact financial situation and turned it all around. They will be so happy to help you on your journey. You just have to ask.

I Can Take Control By Decluttering

Many people think that their financial worth is based entirely on how much money they have in the bank. But that’s not the case. Your assets also play a role. Indeed, many people are cash-poor, asset-rich. While you can’t sell all of your items, you can sell the ones that you no longer want or need. So why not look at going through your cupboards and draws, and seeing if there’s anything worth selling? You might raise several hundred dollars or more, just by taking the time to list and sell your unused goods.

And here is another thing to consider: if your finances are a mess, chances are, so is your living space. By taking control of your physical mess, you not only clean your space but your mind as well. Getting your bills organized and paid on time is so much easier in a clean home. Trust me, it works. So if you are in money trouble, start with cleaning your house! You will be amazed how that will impact all areas of your life.

I Can Change My Financial Future

No matter how old you are or how deep you are in debt or how little financial knowledge you have, you can change your financial situation if you really want to. It is never too late. It may not be as quick as you want, but it will change if you are motivated.

You have to believe in yourself and make small money saving changes that will help solidify your belief quickly. Things like, reducing your cable or cell phone bill, learning to meal plan and stop eating out and learning how to use coupons and look for discounts will give you some quick wins and spur you on to do more. And that will change your financial future.

Money is a necessary evil. And if you are approaching retirement and have a huge bucket list and no funds, the sooner you take control of your finances the better. Use the above money mantras to take back control of your money and secure the future you really want when you retire.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.