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How To Stay Injury Free

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As we age, our bodies start to change. You won’t be as strong as you once were, and it can be harder and slower to recover from injury. For this reason, injury can be even more of a problem than it once was, so you really want to avoid it. However, you know you need to work to keep fit. How can you avoid injury while still caring for yourself?

How To Avoid Injury As You Age

1. Exercise safely.

Staying fit and strong is the best way to avoid being injured. You might have to make some adjustments to how you exercise though and choose something a little gently. Swimming is a great choice, as the water supports all your joints at the same time as you get a total body workout. Ask a personal trainer for a safe routine for the gym, or just try and walk more. Getting in more steps is a simple way to stay fit.

2. Stretch.

Before and after you exercise, you need to stretch properly A warm-up before you exercise warms and loosens your muscles, giving you a greater range of motion. After you’re done, work through some stretches to reduce the risk of injury and feeling stiff and uncomfortable. If you’re really stiff, a session with a foam roller is a great way to help.

3. See a physical therapist.

If you’ve been injured, don’t let it get worse. A physical therapist can get you back on your feet faster and can give you helpful advice to avoid similar injuries in future.

Maintain good posture. Bad posture can give you a bad back and bad shoulders. Protect your back by maintaining good posture. When you walk, imagine there is a string coming from the top of your head, that someone is using to pull you upright. When sitting, always choose a chair that offers proper lumbar support, so your back is being looked after.

4. Set up your desk right.

If you spend a lot of time at a desk, for writing, sewing, or surfing the net, make sure you’ve set it up correctly. Choose a desk chair with good back support, and with arms. Make sure it is the right height, so your feet are comfortably positioned on the floor and your knees have enough room under the desk. Make sure that whatever you’re using on the desk is the right distance away so you’re not twisting awkwardly to reach your computer or your sewing machine.

5. Avoid falls.

One of the most common causes of injuries in older people is a fall. It could be when they are walking in the park or out for groceries. There are high chances of them tripping because of somebody else’s negligence. In such cases, state laws entitle the elders to compensation for their medical expenses and other costs. They can get it by working with a personal injury lawyer; visit the URL here to learn more.

Apart from negligent falls, most falls take place at home, so make sure your home is free of hazards. Look out for trailing wires, rugs that are curling up, loose carpet, or clutter left around for you to fall over. Put a night light on the landing so you have some light to see by if you get up in the night for the visit the toilet, and reduce the risk of stumbling and falling in the dark.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.