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7 Things To Do Everyday To Help You Stay Positive (Even In Stressful Times)

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There is no denying that the world is a mess right now. And if you have been obsessed with watching the news or scrolling social media like I have, you undoubtedly are feeling down to say the least. During these difficult times, it can be hard to stay positive. With so many negative things going on, it is so easy to be sucked down the rabbit hole of despair. But we must protect our mindset and find reasons to be grateful and hang on to hope. It is the only way we will be able to make it through this and flourish again. And although you may feel icky trying to find silver linings, I promise you that it isn’t turning a blind eye to what is happening, merely a way to help facilitate change in a healthier, more positive way. 

Here are 7 things to do every single day to help you stay positive:

1. Live in the moment

When there is so much uncertainty about the future, it can be hard to focus on the present. Living in the moment might sound like life coaches talk about, but living in the present moment can help relieve a lot of stress lingering over your head! If you are feeling overwhelmed, focus on this moment, this day, right now. What can you do to make today a better day? You shouldn’t necessarily do this all the time, but most of the time, you should focus on living in the moment. If you’re not the kind of person who usually does this, try just looking one week ahead instead of the whole month or season.

2. Look for the positive amid the chaos

There is always a bright light out there, even in the midst of chaos. While a pandemic might be happening outside, we have been able to get things done around the house. It’s all about looking on the bright side! In the midst of all the terrible things around you, try to find something good. It can be a small win or a big win, but it needs to be something positive! Focus on those things until you come out on the other side. It might help for you to write things down or keep a gratitude journal that you can look back on. This can be helpful in the early morning or right before bed, so you can reflect on the day you just had.

3. Start your day off on the right foot

When your life is stressful, how you start your day can make all the difference. If you start your day skipping breakfast and then scrambling all day to get things done, you will find yourself overworked and burnt out by lunch. Instead, start your day with a more mindful routine. Take some time in the morning to do something for yourself, savour every bite of your breakfast, then finish off your morning off with some light reading, meditation or journaling! It’s all about how you set up your day!

4. Take a timeout

Every day take some time to step back from everything and take a little time out. This could be a short five-minute break or even a full hour if you need it. This time shouldn’t do anything to further your to-do list or to get things done, but to do only nothing. Take a timeout and do something fun or do nothing at all. Whatever you do with this time, that choice is yours! I recommend scheduling this during a time when you usually start to feel overwhelmed rather than the end or beginning of your day.

5. Give yourself grace

While some people might not be working, others might. While some people are back to their normal lives, others are living one day at a time one paycheck to paycheck. Give yourself grace if you didn’t complete a long list of courses or if all you did today was watch Netflix. It’s okay if you don’t spend every waking moment getting something done! It’s also okay if your day was spent getting nothing done. As long as every single day doesn’t end up that way, you will be just fine!

6. Do something good

Find something you can do every day for yourself, for your friends, for your family. Try to do something that will better someone’s life. It could even be your community, city, or just your relationships with someone else. Doing something good will not only make you feel good but give you a chance to focus on someone else and their problems for just a little while! This can be more freeing than you realize! And it can be as simple as calling or texting someone to ask how they are doing. You would be surprised how much even that small gesture can brighten someone else’s day. 

7. Prioritize and get organized

There is something beautiful about getting your life in order! You don’t have to be a super-organized person, and you don’t even have to have a lot on your list! The focus of this task is to prioritize the items you need to get done. What REALLY needs to get done today? What can be done on a different day or eliminated? You might find you are doing a lot more than you need to each day. Next, take that list of items and get organized. Set yourself up for success by getting all of your ducks in a row! Especially if you are not working right now. Isn’t this the opportunity you have been waiting for to declutter?

Bad days, weeks, and even seasons of life will happen, and things will get stressful. During these times, keep this list handy to help you stay positive and keep those stressful things from getting you down.

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