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7 Things That Make France One Of The Best Holiday Destinations

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Choosing your holiday destination shouldn’t be a chore. You often only get one chance to go abroad each year, so it is important that you choose the right location.

You have a lot of things to think about when picking the location for your next holiday, but wouldn’t it be nice if one location offered all of this and more? Fortunately, France is that kind of location for a lot of people. Here are just some of the things that make France one of the best holiday destinations.

Why France Is The Best Destination Holiday

With so many European destination options available, here are 7 things that make France your best holiday abroad destination.


Searching for food can bring up a variety of different images. However, only France can be considered the king of gourmet food.

Gourmet food refers to high-quality or rare dishes that you are unlikely to encounter anywhere else. One of the main reasons why this food is so rare is because the ingredients aren’t likely to grow in the same location. Also, the high quality requires a specific level of training.

Fortunately, France’s location means that it has access to a variety of different food groups, from fresh fish to vegetables. What’s more, chefs in France pride themselves on learning only the best cooling techniques. As such, you can experience an entire week of eating only the best gourmet food if you choose France as your holiday destination.


Part of a great dining experience includes pairing some of this gourmet food with a nice glass of wine. Once again, France is known for being one of the best countries in the world for producing wine.

With its cool and dry climate, specific regions in France are able to cultivate and grow certain types of grapes. All this means is that you can experience some of the freshest and most unique wines in the world when you visit France.

Fans of white wine can head to a location like the Loire Valley, whereas red wine drinkers can enjoy staying around Bordeaux. There is so much variety, that it isn’t an issue deciding on a place to stay in France.


Finding a place to stay in France shouldn’t be too difficult. France is home to some of the most luxurious chalets in the world. If you aren’t convinced. Just head to Fée Pour Vous and look up Megève luxury chalet rental.

The company rents out chalets all across France. You can stay in the snowy peaks of Chamonix or the coastal region of Saint Tropez and many other key locations. The location is but one reason that you should stay in a luxury chalet. These accommodations also come with a personal chef, butler, and driver, so you can get busy relaxing on your trip to France.


France is such a great holiday destination that it took this long just to mention the cultural aspects of the country. For many people, culture would be at the top of the list of things that France is known for.

When talking about culture, there are several aspects to discuss. Firstly, you have the iconic landmarks that everyone thinks of when you mention France. There is the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and Arc de Triomphe, all in the country’s capital. These well-known locations are sure to provide you with something to see and talk about during your stay.

Secondly, France has the best art galleries in the world. Of course, there is the Louvre in Paris, which is home to the world famous painting, The Mona Lisa. However, anyone looking to stay outside of Paris will find Museo Fabre in Montpellier and Musée Matisse in Nice. Any lover of the arts is sure to have something to say when they head to France.

It Is Family Friendly

Perhaps the cultural installations in France aren’t the best places to visit if you are travelling with young kids. One of the toughest questions to ask when choosing a holiday destination is, will the whole family enjoy it. Fortunately, there are enough things to do in France to entertain people of any age.

While the adults are soaking up the sights and gourmet food, the kids can be off enjoying Parc Asterix, a theme park based on the comic book series of the same name. If a city break doesn’t sound appealing, then a family ski trip in the Alps should be enough to entertain everyone.


All families have to start with two people falling in love. However, deciding on your future could depend largely on your first trip away together. This trip is often the first of many adventures away. Anyone looking to find a romantic getaway can be sure to find it in France.

The culture, food, and sense of adventure all work together to make France synonymous with the idea of romance. That is why it is a popular holiday destination for people who are just starting to fall in love and is a great honeymoon spot.

Ghost Hunting

For those that enjoy the supernatural, Paris is the place for ghost lovers! With its deep and long history, there is lots to explore and enjoy in France’s capital city. Even if you don’t plan on visiting Paris with those intentions, you’re likely to stumble upon an area that’s said to be inhabited by ghosts.


One of the things that makes a great holiday destination is the fact that it isn’t completely isolated. France is in the very heart of Europe, which means that it has plenty of other surrounding countries that you can visit at the same time. Who said your holiday had to take place in just one place?

Once you have soaked up all the cultural sights in Paris, you could hop over to Germany for a beer festival in Munich. Better yet, you could even hop across the Channel to see the UK and all its four countries have to offer or travel South to Italy to see the Colosseum in Rome. The choice is yours when it comes to a holiday in France.


As you can see, France should be at the top of most people’s list of desired holiday destinations. Even if you have been to this part of the world before, you are guaranteed to get something else out of visiting a second or third time. France is the most visited part of the world for a reason, after all.

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