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5 Under $5 Makeup Products You Need To Look Hot This Summer

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Summer is coming and it’s gonna be hot! So are you, with these 5 picks from the drugstore beauty aisle. The change in the season means it’s time to change your beauty routine. Your wallet won’t feel the heat, though, because all the products on this list are under $5!

5 Under $5 Makeup Products You Need To Look Hot This Summer

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1. Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara (found at Target for $3.99)

Whether you’re diving in or just sipping a drink poolside, you need a waterproof mascara on hand. Summer heat can cause mascara to flake and smudge under your eyes, giving the appearance of dark shadows. The classic, natural look of this Maybelline classic has made it a cult favorite in the beauty industry.



2. Wet n Wild Megaglo Makeup Sticks (found at Target for $3.99) OR Rimmel Natural Bronzer (found at Target for $4.29)

You can skip the sun damage and still get a healthy glow with either of these bronzers. I’ve included a powder option if you’re oily, and a cream option if you’re dry. Generally, cream formulas are more flattering to mature skin, but everyone is different.
The cream-to-powder makeup sticks from Wet n Wild come in a range of gorgeous summer colors! Swept over cheekbones and bridge of nose, the bronze shades give you a believable sun-kissed look. The blushes give healthy color to cheeks.
If you’re oily, or maybe sweaty, and cream formulas are not for you, fear not. Rimmel’s Natural Bronzer, a powder formula, has you covered. There’s a bonus with this product: It’s waterproof! Which means it will stand up to sweat, and be a go-to when you’re heading to the pool. Go ahead and dive in, this wears for up to 10 hours!


3. Jergens Natural Glow Self-Tanner for body 2oz.(found at local drugstore for $2.99)

Be ready to show more skin with a self-tanner for your body. Women of all skin tones (even fair) love this product, and so do beauty editors. It has made more “Best Of” lists than I can count. No worries about streaking or that icky self-tanner smell with Jergens. It adds just enough color to make you look healthy, not orange. If you’ll be vacationing on the beach, this travel size is genius. Pop it into your bag and you won’t stand out as a pale tourist.


4. Clean & Clear Instant Oil-Absorbing Sheets (Blotting Papers) (found at Target for $4.49)

Small enough to carry in your purse and perfect for absorbing sweat and oil, blotting papers are life-savers in summer heat. Whip one out instead of repeatedly applying powder to fight shine. Powder can cake up, actually accenting wrinkles. The thin sheets of paper absorb oil and sweat and then you toss it all away. Don’t underestimate these little beauties, they’re very effective.

5. Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish Enamel (found at Target for $2.00)

They’ve been hibernating all winter, but it’s time for your toes to come out again. Sinful Colors has a HUGE range of colors from classic to trendy. You’ll be surprised how well these wear for the price! They’re cheap, so don’t be afraid to experiment with new colors. Nail color is a great way to wear color trends without looking like you’re trying too hard. Rose gold is having a moment right now, so work the trend with the shade “Hush Money.” If classic is more your style, choose from an array of reds and pinks. Sinful Colors has something for everyone.

Add just a touch of summer to your beauty routine, or buy everything on this list for less than $25!
You’ll be ready for summer…

All the way from your head to your toes.

This article was written by Audrey Gem of Cremes Come True. If you have any questions or want to know more about makeup for women over 40, please visit her blog.

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