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How To Get The Perfect Sun-Kissed Look

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As summer arrives, a lot of fair skinned ladies are terrified about wearing leg-revealing clothes. Nobody wants to go out in shorts or a summer dress with ghost, white legs. Luckily, you have options. You don’t have to wait till you get a tan naturally. You can get a salon tan spray, or you can do it yourself at home and get that perfect sun-kissed look at a fraction of the cost.

I am fair, or, as I like to say, “interestingly pale”, meaning I do not tan easily. And unfortunately, I am not really a “laze around sunbathing on a beach ” sort of person! I do like to walk outside in the mornings so my arms do get some colour, but most of my legs remain lily white.

Rather than risk laying out and getting a sunburn, I opt to use a self-tanner.

Nowadays, fake tans are more sophisticated and do not product the orange look we remember from the eighties products and tanning salons. Spray tanning at reputable salons and centres now produce flawless results. I’ve used Fabutan myself and friends have recommended the LA Tanning company, Vita Liberata outlets and Fake Bake.

Options For The Perfect Sun-Kissed Look

As summer arrives, a lot of fair skinned ladies are terrified about wearing leg-revealing clothes. Whether you choose to tan naturally or get a spray tan, we are all looking for that perfect sun-kissed look. Check out these tips!

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Alternatively, you could opt for the fake suntan cream and do your legs (and body) yourself. Just remember to exfoliate first and use a kit to help with application. Do it right and you will get a beautiful result.

I currently Jergen’s Natural Glow  – a lightweight, airy mouse – apply it every day and you will gradually build up a natural looking colour. For me, it just takes the edge off that lily white !

Johnson’s Holiday Tan and Dove also work in the same way. Facial wise, I’m currently using Leichner’s camera blend tinted moisturiser in “hints of beige”.  Not as heavy as traditional foundations but it gives a lovely flawless illuminated look – available in various “hints” for all skin tones.

For darker tans, and fans of TOWIE, try Lauren’s Way Glam Tan – you can see for yourself how good it is by looking at Lauren Goodger!  ( Lauren’s Way also do spray tans). Another recommendation is pHenomeal tanning mousse by Vita Liberata – this tan can last an astonishing 2-3 weeks – and is available in dark,medium and fair. The product has won the “Best Tanning Range” category in U Magazine’s beauty awards 2012/2013.

You could also boost your all over tan by sunbathing in “Tan Through Swimwear” – the swimsuits and bikinis have a built in SPF of around 6 , so it is recommended that suntan lotion of SPF 6 or higher should be used on areas not covered by the swimsuit.

There is a large range on Amazon ; you could also check out the Tan Through website – they guarantee that their Cool Tan swimwear range are not see through when wet or dry. It could be just the thing to eliminate those “tan lines”!

If bare legs are not your scene or perhaps are not appropriate for the occasion, there are a range of tights to give you that just tanned and oiled look. I like Jonathan Aston Micronet Tights in Natural with Pretty Polly Naturals Oiled Tights in Slightly Sunkissed underneath. Believe me, they look and feel wonderful !

If you want to bare your just painted tootsies in a pair of sandals, don a pair of toeless tights – brilliant invention !!  For sexiness you can’t beat the  seamed retro hosiery  –  available in colours from nude to chocolate – these are great for darker skin tones or as an alternative to the usual black tights/stockings.

Now you’ve prepared your pins – look to have a pedicure, paint your nails a vibrant colour (I love corals!), find those TAN sandals and go, strut your stuff!

If you do tend to go red like me when you do sunbathe, I recommend Rimmel Sunshimmer. Rub this bronzer onto the red patches as well as on your shoulders, arms, legs, chest and it acts as an after sun moisturizer and turns the red a nice glittery bronze colour! Fabulous on your face too – gives a healthy tan colour ! Pack some into your suitcases!!!

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Rica@ Yoga Mat Monkey

Sunday 29th of May 2016

Wow, you really have the options here! I have used a few self-tanners that turned me into an orange-faced Oopma Loompa. Such a waste of time and money! Thanks for this helpful post!

Linda Hobden

Sunday 29th of May 2016

So glad you found the post helpful


Friday 27th of May 2016

I"m about to head off on vacation and am already planning my self tanner application. I just feel better with a little color on my legs!

Linda Hobden

Saturday 28th of May 2016

I agree Rosemond ... I like to have a bit of colour before arriving at my holiday destination too


Wednesday 25th of May 2016

Interestingly pale....I border on translucent. I just stay see through. Figure my outside should match my inside.

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