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Why Many Seniors Prefer In-Home Care

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As people get older, it is only natural for them to need some more help and support with everyday tasks, healthcare, and more. If you have an older parent or relative and have noticed that they are struggling with things in their everyday life more often, then you may be wondering what your options are when it comes to helping them get the support that they need with it.

While it can be a nice idea for family members to come together and help a senior relative out, it’s not always feasible if you are working full-time and have your own family to look after too. Making sure that your relative gets the daily support and care that they need can involve moving them to a senior living facility or nursing home, but the fact is that most seniors prefer home care wherever possible.

7 Reasons Why Seniors Choose In-Home Care

If you have an older parent that is struggling with everyday life, then you may be wondering what your options are and should consider these reasons why seniors prefer in home care.

Remain At Home

The truth is that your relative has probably worked hard for the home that they are in, they are comfortable and have good memories there. Most seniors prefer elderly home care as it allows them to remain in a comfortable and familiar setting rather than moving around and setting up a home somewhere else.

Change and moving home are difficult at any stage in your life but it can be particularly hard for seniors who may be very comfortable where they are. Encore Care Givers is a home caregiving company that understands the importance of staying in a familiar and comfortable place for seniors and ensure that your relative will have access to caring, professional caregivers who can visit them on a regular basis in their own home to provide the support that they need.

Close to Family and Friends

If your senior relative has family and friends in the area, then it would be understandable that they are reluctant to move anywhere else. While a senior living facility might be a nice idea, this could involve moving to an entirely different area where your senior does not know anybody and will need to build a new social life, which can be quite daunting and even stressful at times. If your senior relative wants to stay close to their neighbors, friends, and family members in the current area where they live then getting at-home care is going to be one of the best ways to make sure that this happens.

Keep Pets

Another reason why many seniors prefer in-home care is if they have a pet at home. Moving a pet can be stressful, especially for pets like cats who often become comfortable in a certain home and can struggle to adjust to somewhere new. Along with this, many senior care facilities, particularly nursing homes, may not allow residents to have a pet and it is very understandable that your senior relative might not want to have to give up their four-legged friend. If your relative has a pet at home that helps with companionship and provides them with a sense of purpose, then it’s always best to consider home care for as long as possible.

Keep to a Routine

Like most people, seniors have their own routine that they might want to stick with for as long as possible. Even when retired, they may have set things that they do each day or week that brings some structure to their life and helps them get out and get involved in different activities. Moving to a senior living facility or similar could upset your relative’s routine which can take some time to adjust to and may impact their mental health and wellbeing.

If your relative is happy in their current home and with their present routine, then getting support for them at home can be one of the best options to consider rather than uprooting them.

Get More Personalised Care

Another benefit of home care that has led to many seniors preferring this option is that the care and support that they get are more personal to them. Home caregivers visit their clients at home and can offer support with anything that is needed at the time, unlike senior care facilities where there might be a team of caregivers who are looking after and supporting several different residents at the same time. This allows your relative to build a relationship with their caregiver or caregivers and get the support that is tailored to their individual needs.

Stay Independent

Home care is the best option for a senior who wants to stay as independent as possible for as long as possible as they get older. There is no denying the importance of independence for seniors when it comes to improving their mental health and wellbeing. Even when a person has mobility issues and may not be able to do as much as they used to when they are younger, they still like most of us prefer to be able to do whatever they can for themselves. With home care, your senior relative will be able to have a more independent life and carry on doing what they can by themselves for as long as possible.

Reduce Pressure on the Family

Many seniors might feel that they are a burden on their family as they get older and need more help with different things. And while you may not feel the same way and are happy to help them out, there is no denying that having a home caregiver who visits your relative on a regular basis will help to take the pressure off other relatives who may have to fit in things like working full-time or bringing up their family when caring for their senior relative. If you are in a situation where you want to provide more one-to-one support to your relative but are unable to do this on your own due to your own commitments, then a home care service can help.

When it comes to senior care, there are lots of benefits of in-home care that make it an option lots of seniors prefer.

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