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5 Tricks to Make Dressing Up Less Overwhelming

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Most people want to look and feel their best all the time. They often spend plenty of time assessing what’s in their closets so they can put together stylish outfits and ensure they’re dressed appropriately for the occasion. However, even the most fashion-forward person can experience days when they have low energy to dress up or find it challenging to pinpoint their style inspirations. They might also have trouble finding the best garments to match together to create a trendy look. As such, there are days when they may take longer to dress up or find it mentally taxing to put together an outfit.

While these are common enough issues for many people, they can become problematic when you need to dress well and quickly. You may only have a few minutes to dress up smartly before attending an important appointment or event, for example. Fortunately, you can speed up the process and make dressing up less of a burden.

How To Make Dressing Up Less Over-whelming

Most people want to look and feel their best all the time. They often waste lots of time assessing what’s in their closets. Here's are tricks to make dressing up less over-whelming.

1. Clean Out Your Closet of Clothes That Don’t Fit and Aren’t Wearable

Sometimes, dressing up can feel overwhelming because of the abundant choices of clothes you have. To address this particular challenge, take out all clothes that are no longer wearable from your closet. Remove clothes that are stained or ripped beyond repair. Also, remember to get rid of items that are ill-fitting. This includes leggings, socks, and other clothing with stretchy materials that are all stretched out or have shrunk in the wash. If it means you need to replace them with something new, go ahead and do that. Buy leggings and socks with elastic bands that fit right and stay up.

Getting rid of certain items will help free up your closet and allow you to see all the clothes you own.This can make choosing your outfits a lot easier.

2. Prepare Your Outfit the Night Before

Dress up quickly by eliminating one part of the process—the outfit selection phase. Picking an outfit to wear can sometimes take a while, especially when your mind isn’t ready to make decisions as soon as you wake up. That said, consider taking the time to pick out the clothes you want to wear the night before.

Check what the weather will be like the next day and base your outfit choices on it. Also consider if the attire will be suitable for what you’ll be doing. Is casual wear enough, or do you need something dressier and more professional? Once you have selected your outfit, consider picking out your underwear and accessories, too. This way, you won’t have to spend another minute getting them out of the drawers. Afterwards, lay them out where you can easily access them in the morning. This will help make dressing up faster and take the stress out of picking something nice quickly.

3. Develop Your Outfit Formula

If you want to lessen the time when you feel like you don’t know what to wear, consider establishing an “outfit formula.” Think about any go-to outfits or combinations of clothes you typically wear and feel good having on. They may be a certain blouse paired with a specific pair of pants.

Then, assess which particular feature of these garments you like the most. For example, it might be the fabric of the blouse or the style of the pants. After you’ve done this, use this as your outfit formula and build more different combinations like it. Look for clothes that share these characteristics, or buy the same pants or tops in other colours. This should provide you with varieties of your favourite clothing combinations, which means you can take most of the hassle of mixing and matching out of the equation.

4. Wear One-Piece Garments

Wear one-piece garments such as dresses and jumpsuits to make dressing up less overwhelming. These clothes make dressing up easy because you don’t need to match top and bottom pieces. You just have to wear one garment, and you immediately have a complete outfit on.

Even if they come as one-piece clothing, dresses and jumpsuits are available in a wide range of designs and colours. You are sure to find several pieces that suit your taste. They’re also quite versatile and can be worn on many different occasions. For example, A-line dresses that appear more fitted in the hips and flare towards the hemline can be worn for work and leisure. They can also be used for dressier occasions like dinner parties and corporate events. That said, consider stocking your closet with a few one-piece garments.

5. Wear Something Black

Matching separates can take some time, especially when you’re picking a top and bottom in different colours. If you want to dress up quicker, skip choosing what colour goes better with what and wear something black instead. The colour always looks smart and timeless. It’s also suitable for many different occasions. Whether you’re presenting to a client or having dinner with friends, wearing black is a style choice you can always rely on.

Dressing up well and appropriately doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. You can simplify the process of putting together and wearing stylish outfits. Pre-select your clothes, reduce your choices, and find your go-to outfits—these are some of the tricks you can try out. They can help you get ready quicker and might even help you discover how pleasant dressing up can be.

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