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Touring Texas: How To Make The Most Of Your Stay In Austin

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Austin is well-known as the state capital of Texas. However, it also carries the nickname of the live music capital in the USA. So, it might seem like it’s an ideal place for those who love to immerse themselves in culture. But with the city’s motto, “Keep Austin Weird,” it’s clear that there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a foodie experience, to learn more about history, or explore local nature, there are more than enough opportunities to plan a trip that will suit your needs and follow your interest without breaking the bank. Our tips will help you to make the most of your stay in Austin, Texas.

How To Make The Most Of Your Stay In Austin

From live music to Bat City, here are some must do items to add to your itinerary for your next trip to Austin, Texas.

Plan Your Trip Carefully

Thorough planning and research are integral to any exciting trip. First, you should start by planning your transport. With a short Houston to Austin bus ride with companies like Wanderu, you might be able to boost your budget for the rest of the trip and enjoy a smooth journey. If you’re planning to stretch your trip to Austin over a couple of days, you should also look for accommodation that will keep you comfortable for the duration of your stay.

Remember to check the weather forecast before you embark on your journey and pack accordingly. It could help you to tailor the schedule of your trip more comfortably, too. Careful planning could help you to make sure that the adventure will go according to your wishes and won’t disappoint you.

Explore The City On A Bike Or On Your Feet

Wandering through the city on your feet or on a bike can be an excellent option, no matter what your budget is. After all, it could help you to discover places that you wouldn’t be able to see from the comfort of your car. It’s also an extremely affordable alternative, and it could allow you to boost the amount of money you can spend during the trip.

When you’re walking through the streets of Austin, you can explore some of the shops and support the local economy. And if you enjoy art, you might want to look for some of the beautiful murals. Some of them might be hard to find and would require scouting, but these efforts could make your Austin adventure only more exciting.

Enjoy Some Live Music

Austin is often referred to as the live music capital of the US – and sometimes even of the world. So, it would be a pity if you missed out on some of the live performances when you decide to visit the city. Those who are looking to travel on a budget might be able to enjoy many free live music performances. These often take place all over the city, and they might appear at any time, even at locations like the airport, a taco joint, or a local café.

Of course, you could buy a ticket to a more prominent concert if it’s the main reason why you’re coming to the city or don’t consider a budget to be an issue. Either way, Austin is an ideal destination for all music lovers and enthusiasts, no matter what your budget is.

Relish In Your Love For Hiking

Austin is a great place for hiking, even though it’s primarily known as an urban area. Travellers who love nature shouldn’t miss visiting the highest point in Austin – Mount Bonnell at 775 feet. You can climb up the staircase to the top for free and enjoy the stunning views of the area and landscape.

If you want to experience the best atmosphere possible, try to visit Mount Bonnell at the time of sunset. You might be able to see Austin and its surroundings in a completely different light and enjoy stunning views.

To find more hiking trails, you might also want to head over to the Barton Creek Greenbelt and enjoy the beautiful piece of nature.

Find Out Why It’s Called The Bat City

Austin is mainly known as a city of live music – but at the same time, it’s also often called The Bat City. In fact, a city is a place with the largest urban bat colony in the nation. So, it’s no wonder that it deserved such a nickname.

The city of Austin is rather proud of being the home base of more than one million Mexican free-tailed bats. Viewing the bats should become a part of your itinerary if you’re looking for a unique experience that’s free at the same time. But what’s the best time to see the bats? Those who are looking to make the bats viewing a part of their adventure should head to the city between March and September when they’re most active.

Delight Your Taste Buds With Delicious Food

No trip would be complete without tasting the local cuisine. Naturally, there are many restaurants that you can visit in Austin. But if you’re trying to blend in with the locals and see what the food culture of the city is, you should eat from one of the food trucks.

These are nearly on every corner of the city and are hard to miss. That way, you might be able to enjoy anything from southern meals to more gourmet dishes for a better price than any brick-and-mortar establishment could offer.

Keep Your Budget In Mind

To conclude, it’s important that you keep your budget in mind when you’re planning the trip. Travellers who are looking for better prices and deals might want to visit the city during the off-season. You might be able to avoid the crowds, and there would be a much smaller demand for hotels and other types of accommodation.

There are many ways you can immerse yourself in the culture of the city – whether you’re interested in arts or want to eat your way through Austin. Many museums and exhibitions might be free, but it’s essential that you do your research in advance. That might help you to avoid any unpleasant situations and surprises that could put your adventure in jeopardy.

Austin is a city that has a lot to offer, and it shouldn’t miss from your itinerary when you’re touring Texas. So, plan your trip carefully and make the most of your time in the city.

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