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Top Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Summer

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When the temperature starts getting warmer and the evenings lengthen, a collective change of mood comes over us all. Suddenly, we become much more sociable and start thinking of inviting friends and family over to our homes. This is why the tradition of spring cleaning and getting our homes organized is still so prevalent today. But beyond that, good home maintenance practice says that now is the perfect time to get your home ready for the summer months. Forming this habit keeps your house looking great, while addressing small matters prevents them from developing into potentially expensive issues.

So what jobs around the home can you tackle yourself?

5 Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tasks To Get Your House Summer Ready

Clean Down Windows And Screens

All winter, our windows have worked hard keeping out the worst of the weather, so it’s high time to pay them back with a little maintenance. If you want to make your own window cleaning spray, dilute some white vinegar in a spray bottle for sparkling results and use a window cleaning tool to leave them stream-free.

Check the condition of your windows and screens for any winter damage – are there signs of dry rot in the frames, or any water damage? Do the seals need re-caulking? Do you need to replace the window screens? Keeping these small things in good repair helps regulate the temperature of your home, keeping air conditioning functioning efficiently in the summer and lowering your energy consumption.

Get Your Tools Ready

I don’t know about you but I have a really bad habit of putting away my mower and gardening stuff wet and dirty after I used them last. It’s like I am surprised that winter is coming or something.

So take a look at your tools:

  • Does your lawn mower need a service? Is it filled with last year’s clippings? Does it need a new tire or filter? New blades and making sure your mower is well lubricated can really improve the performance.
  • Are your tools rusty or dirty? Give them a thorough clean. Use CLR to get rid of rust and lubricate any moving parts so that they are in tip top shape.
  • Do you have enough supplies? Do you have fertilizer, soil or paper bags left over from last summer? Are they still good? How about line for your weed wacker? Nothing is worse than being all gun ho about doing yard work and finding out that you don’t have what you need to finish the job. Check your inventory and make a shopping list.

Declutter & Organize Your Sheds & Garage

While you are in there checking on your tools, take this opportunity to do a thorough declutter of your shed and/or garage. Take everything out and start with a clean slate by sweeping and hosing down the floor. Group like items together when returning them to their place.

Don’t forget to use space wisely, including the ceiling. There are tons of products on the market that can help you maximize every inch of your shed. Anything broken or not used last season should be either trashed, donated or sold. Yard work is much more fun and easier when your shed is decluttered, clean and organized.

Prep Your Yard

We tend to spend a lot of our time living that indoor-outdoor life in summer, so a top task for now is prepping your outdoor space.

  • Trim back trees, shrubs and bushes that need it.
  • Prep your flower and vegetable beds for planting.
  • Use a pressure washer to get paving slabs, patios, driveways, fencing and decking looking new again.
  • Make any repairs or replacements you might need for outdoor furnishings to make sure that you can host people comfortably for barbecues and parties.
  • Upgrade your outdoor decor with these DIY dollar store patio ideas you can do quickly in a weekend.

Check Your Roof And Guttering

It’s time to fetch your long ladder and inspect the conditioning of your roof and gutters, because these are pretty vital to the integrity of your home. Catching any minor problems at this stage means repairs are easy, quick and cost-effective. Whereas leaving minor damage unchecked means that it can spiral into a huge , expensive project.

Inspect the roof shingles, the chimneys and the flashing for signs of damage incurred during heavy winter weather. Any of these can allow water damage to occur, which can be a huge matter to fix if left unchecked. It’s also a good time to inspect guttering and remove any blockages to ensure waste water can be removed without any issues. Scoop out any blockages with a trowel and hose them down to get rid of clogs. This job isn’t the nicest but it can save a lot of headaches further on if tackled regularly. 

Summer is just around the corner. You wait all winter long to enjoy the nice weather. By taking the time now to do some much needed spring cleaning outside, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor space, relaxing instead of working.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.