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5 Tips To Enjoy Gardening In Your Golden Years

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Gardening is much more than an activity to fill your free time! Going to the garden is nurturing, captivating, and delivers various health benefits.

Aside from the happiness it brings, taking care of your garden serves as a stress-relief station, is good for your health, is an excellent family activity, can increase your hand strength, and help you get the daily dose of vitamin D.

Keep reading to find out our five tips that make gardening more pleasurable during your golden years.

How To Make Gardening Easier As You Age

Gardening has many health benefits but as you age, aches and pains may keep you away from your garden. Try these 5 tips to make gardening more fun and easier in your golden years.

1. Go Vertical

Bending is one of the most difficult parts for gardeners. Going vertical means eliminating possible injuries, reducing the stress on the back and joints, and works well for people with mobility issues.

Existing structures in the yard such as walls, poles, fences are excellent planting areas for your vertical garden design. Another great idea is installing a trellis to enhance the garden’s appearance and help you tend the plants while standing.

Some of the plants that are ideal for vertical gardening include begonias, succulents, bromeliads, ferns, vines, etc. Crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, kale, cilantro, basil, cabbage, beans, squash are another idea that works great for vertical layouts. Moving through this garden will be much easier, and you can even bring this concept indoors.

In addition, vertical gardens save space, so they can help you plant more while being rested and pain-free. Going vertical means that you can easily re-arrange the garden layout and get creative with decorations. Therefore, this method won’t stop you from having the whimsical garden you’ve dreamed of.

2. Make Watering Much Easier

Dragging cans or a regular watering hose can be a hassle for people in their golden years. Thankfully, a few watering systems will solve this problem and make this task simpler. Sprinklers are one of the most underrated watering systems, but they can be so helpful. The newest designs come with many additional features, including timers, and watering intensities, meaning that all your plants will get the care they need.

Moving the entire hose around the garden and then putting it back in its place is definitely tiring. So instead of sticking with your regular hose system, you should consider a retractable design. A retractable hose reel saves you from heavy lifting and saves you time. This accessory is excellent for gardeners since it keeps the garden neat, doesn’t leak, and has a slow retract feature. Also, it is perfect for people who struggle with arthritis and wrist pain.

Another system worth your attention is the drip irrigation method. How can it be beneficial for your work in the garden? These systems reduce labor, prevent plant diseases, optimize the amount of water your garden will get, and save time and money. 

Gardening has many health benefits but as you age, aches and pains may keep you away from your garden. Try these 5 tips to make gardening more fun and easier in your golden years.
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3. Try Raised Beds

Raised beds are perfect for everyone who struggles to bend and kneel down. Planting your dream garden in raised beds makes the maintenance much easier, reduces the risk of falling and potential injuries.

There are numerous designs and sizes to choose from, and what’s even better, you can make the raised beds yourself.

Raised beds often come as kits, so you can get the whole package and install it without much effort. If you decide to build your own, ensure they’re big enough to fit the plants but don’t get in the way of your garden paths. The edge should be wide enough for you to sit comfortably.

People of all ages love using them since these beds are surprisingly practical, save space, and you can sit on them while tending your garden. Planting in raised beds allows gardeners to sit on a chair, wheelchair, or scooter while doing their chores in the garden. In addition, they’re protective of your knees, back and are stunning to look at.

4. Use The Right Tools

Investing in the right tools means you’ll spare yourself from joint pain and unwanted injuries. So when discussing making gardening more enjoyable, one of our top tips is to get high-quality ergonomic tools, gloves, shoes, and boots.

Tools with long handles are easier to work with and will help you reach everywhere. Additionally, they should be lightweight to prevent stress on the joint and painful wrists.

The tools you use frequently can get dull, so you’ll need to do more work to get the job done. This increases the strain on the joints, and the best solution is to sharpen them as soon as you notice they’re dull.

Finally, there are special tools for easier gardening for people who struggle with specific diseases and disabilities. Therefore, struggling with a disability doesn’t mean that you have to quit gardening.

5. Get A Garden Scooter

According to recent research, gardening two to three times a week can deliver numerous health benefits, including stress relief.

But if you get a garden scooter you will level up your gardening experience. These scooters are built explicitly for gardening enthusiasts who want to move around with ease, get tired quickly, or simply want to stroll around their piece of heaven while admiring the stunning plants.

They come with various attachments and storage for the tools, so you can get to any part of the garden, every plant, and crop. Most of the designs also feature a rotating seat and a bucket for you to fill with the gardening essentials. In addition, there are special scooters for heavy-duty pathways that will help you get anywhere even when your tracks are covered with rocks, grass, etc.


If you’re a gardening enthusiast and are looking to make this activity more enjoyable in the golden years, we suggest trying the five tips mentioned above. Remember to stay safe by learning the proper form while gardening, especially keeping the wrists in a neutral position.

Together with tools such as a kneeler stool and tools with long handles, you’ll find it much easier to do all the chores in your piece of heaven.

Some precautions to keep in mind include creating secure pathways, bringing a phone with you, and excellent padding for the knees. Finally, we had to add a friendly reminder to use sun protection and avoid going in the garden when it’s too hot outside. Happy gardening!

About the author:

Annie Morton is an avid nature lover from rural Australia. After some international adventures, she has settled in New York City. If you have some questions about Hoselink Reel, she is the person to talk to.

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