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Tips For the New Grandma To Welcome Their Grandchild

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Congratulations! Your kids are going to have a new baby in the family after immense struggles, prayers, and wishes. This also means it is time for you to transition into a grandma! How time flies is evident here; there was a time when you were a mother and now, the grandmother. Amazing, huh!

However, this can be a tricky thing if it’s a completely new concept for you. And, of course, our objective isn’t just to make you a perfect granny but also a cool one. So sit tight, new grandma, because, in this article, we’ll give you all the tips to be a good grandma to your grandchild; let’s begin!

What to Do Before the Child Is Home?

1. Refrain from the Shopping Spree!

I know the excitement that comes with the news, which might make grandmas get ecstatic to go on a shopping spree and splurge on every possible baby care product they can lay their hands on. But hold it there! Always speak to the parents before you do so. Do not overspend, but rather think about how you can use the money to support them when the baby is born.

If you want to buy stuff, ask the parents what they specifically want. And don’t feel bad if you end up shopping a bit over the budget; after all, it’s the grandchild you’re welcoming!

2. Encourage New Parents

Though there might be differences in generations, ideas, and trends, a grandma knows the struggle of taking care of a child better than anyone. It is evident new parents are going to be scared about this new step, so encourage them and let them know it will be okay. Tell them stories, give them ideas and offer ways that can make life easier for them. Be their support system as they venture into this new step of their life.

3. Say Yes To The Name!

You’d probably have a list of names ready for the parents, whether it’s a royal one or a name with a French history touch…etc. However, let us snap back to reality and face it: Ultimately, the parents get to decide what to name the baby. So if they settle on one, just say you love it, no if’s or buts. The least you can do is lay your suggestions out and hope for the best!

What to Do After Your Grandchild Is Home?

Have you just become a grandmother and don’t know what to do? Here’s how to be the best grandma and welcome the grandchild with love and joy!

1. Research About Newborn Safety Protocols

Due to the recent pandemic, issues, and problems, things have changed. And so have certain protocols too. Newborns are fragile and need special attention to ensure they grow up healthily. Since you will be helping the mother, it is important to check the newborn care guidelines before you offer help.

Even though a grandma was a mother first, and this might be included as an extra step, it is important to know that with time, situations change, and one must adapt to it properly to sustain.

2. Don’t Meddle in the Parents’ Decisions

Once the grandchild is born, the only people that can decide for the child are their parents. If something they agree on is okay with them, support them. It’s worth not invalidating their opinions or arguing beyond a point. Try to offer them your opinion if they ask.

3. Refrain from Unsolicited Advice

Speaking of advice, a new mom needs a lot of help and lessons to transition into this new role properly, so they might reach out to the new granny more often. However, only advise them when they ask for it. Let them do what they prefer doing. Voice out your opinion when a method looks wrong or needs a second hand.

4. Only Visit the Child When It Is Allowed To

This might sound rude, but this is an important one. But due to various air-transmitted diseases, a newborn may be infected if tons of people are visiting it. To prevent it, parents might shut the door or limit the hours for many. Don’t be disheartened if that’s the case for you. Just know they are doing it for the health of the kid. Keep checking on them through then and allow the parent to let you visit the kid instead of forcing it on them.

5. Help Them Out

Undoubtedly, grandmas are the best when it comes to taking care of the grandchild. The bond is just too cute to witness. And new moms will tend to seek help from their own mothers’. This is your chance to showcase the cool grandma energy. Babysit them, take the load off the parents’ shoulders and take care of the baby allowing the mom to rest. It helps to get their job done easier, and smooth parenting can be observed as well.

6. Make a Memory Book

This is a fun activity for grandmas to spend their time with their grandchildren. Take pictures of the little one and make a digital or picture album with it. As time flies, little ones grow up to be functioning adults, and this can be a cute gift to go through with the entire family and allows for bonding time as well. Get the camera and go cheese!

7. Mood Swings Can Be a Big Thing, Don’t Take Things Personally!

New parenting is a big adventure that you’re done living with but not your kids. So there might be days when their hormones act up, they don’t feel good, and they can lash out or be rude about certain things. Be patient and do not take their behaviour personally. I mean, you’ve gone through it yourself too, so be empathetic and patient enough to deal with it all. After all, they have to go through countless screaming and feeding hours.

8. Pat Yourself in the Back

No matter what happens, a grandchild is a big thing. Appreciate the little things you are trying to do to help the parents out. Know that your kids love you despite their moods and actions. It takes a while to adjust to the grandmother role, but you want to focus on being a cool grandma, not a strict one! None of your kids would like to inherit it from you.


And there you go! All the tips to become the cool grandmother of the century. Keep going at the pace, be kind and humble, deal with the negative people by cutting them off, and be grateful for the little blessing that has graced the household. And the most exciting part is, you’re a grandma now! How cool is that feeling? Let us know in the comments. Thank you all for reading!

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