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5 Things That Will Compromise The Enjoyment Of Your Home

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You want your home to be a place of pride and one that works for you, rather than against you, but that isn’t always the case. From experience, let me tell you that it is possible for a property to fall into such a state of dissatisfaction that you begin to look around and think, perhaps it is easier just to move. But of course, you can’t move home every time you begin to feel a little less than enthused about your house. The good news is that you don’t need to: in most cases, it’s usually just one or two problems that are compromising the enjoyment of the home.

We take a look at a few common issues below:


5 Simple Changes To Help You Love Your Home Again

Outdated Decor

You’re not going to be wild about your property if the decor is outdated and past its sell-by date. Your decor may once have been sleek and modern, but if too much time has passed, then those charms will have been lost. So why not look at making some changes? You can start with one room, and then move onto the other rooms in your property. In some cases, wholesale changes may not be needed; you might just have to get rid of an old piece of furniture that is making the room look a little worse for wear. Re-finishing or painting furniture is also a great way to renew your older decor.


Too Much Stuff

Let’s face it, too much stuff equals cluttered equals stuffy. If your home no longer feels like your sanctuary, it may be because it makes you feel claustrophobic by all the stuff. I’ve been in the same house for almost 30 years now so I know how easy it is to keep collecting stuff and forget to purge. For example, I love beach decor and every time I go away, I usually get something to add to my collection as a memory. But there is a fine line between memento and having your house look like a shop for tourists!

If you are not happy with your home, maybe you need to purge. Decluttering will free up your space and make your home feel inviting again.


Outdated Tech and Appliances

There is plenty of fantastic modern technology that helps to make our home more convenient, fun, and enjoyable. But if you just have tech that belongs in the past, then you won’t get to enjoy these benefits. Moving forward, take a look at your current tech setup, and see what needs improving. It might be that your internet service isn’t as good as it could be, or that you’re still messing around with DVDs when the rest of the world has moved on to streaming. As well as your tech, take a look at your appliances, and ensure that they’re all in full working condition. There are few things worse than wrestling with a washing machine or dishwasher than doesn’t work as well as it should.

This past month I upgraded my dryer and omg, I wish I had done it sooner! Not only are my clothes drier faster, using less energy (bonus), but they also feel softer and with less static. Now I want to upgrade all my appliances to my husband’s dismay. lol


Basic Problems

We can focus on the decor and the like of our homes, but first and foremost, our properties must be functional. If they’re not, then there’s a pretty low barrier for how good the house can be. If your home has fundamental problems, then be sure to take care of them. If you have dripping taps or issues with your bathroom, then make it your plumbing mission to get things back on track. You’ll enjoy your home all the more if you don’t have to contend with the basic problems that compromise the overall quality of the property.

And believe me, problems when ignored seem to multiply. You may start with a leaky tap, then you have mold and all of a sudden, you need a total room makeover! Always try to stay on top of issues in your home. They very easily can turn into major repairs with a big hit to your wallet.


Lack of Comfort

Finally, remember that if you’re going to enjoy your home to the max, then you’ll need it to be comfortable. Your house should function as a relaxing retreat away from the mania of the outside world. Does yours fulfill this role? If not, look at making a few changes. You can change your lighting, add more comfortable throws and towels, and improve the temperature, for example.

Remember, your home is for you, not for a magazine spread or a place for your friends to envy. You want that big comfy chair to relax in? Who cares if no one likes it if it makes you feel cozy at the end of a long day.

Sure we all look at new homes and dream about living there. But your existing home may very well be your dream home already. All you have to do is make a few changes to make it so. You won’t regret it.

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