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Simplify Your Home’s Decor

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A lot of us live very complicated lives with busy jobs and family obligations keeping us on our feet for most of the way, so the last thing we need is to come home to a building that is cluttered and overly busy making it harder for us to switch off and relax when we actually get the chance.

So many of us would benefit from simplifying our home’s decor and making our homes a more peaceful place to be, but how do we actually do that?

Here are a few ideas that could work in your home:

Get rid of the unnecessary

Decluttering has become a popular pastime for many people since Marie Kondo came on the scene, but you shouldn’t dismiss it as a fad. So many people are finding greater levels of peace and contentment in their homes by ditching the excess. Join them by getting rid of anything in your home that doesn’t truly bring your joy or which isn’t completely essential to your day to day life and you might feel some of that peace for yourself.

Tidy as you go

Instead of leaving piles of letters and magazines to accumulate on your side table, dishes to collect in the sink or socks to cover the bedroom floor, make a point of tidying up as you go. If you put things away/in the wash/whatever as you go about your day, you’ll never have to worry about finding huge chunks of time to clean up and your home will always look neat, tidy and simple.

Opt for vertical storage

Storage can be a big problem for many people, and it can often take up so much space that we could be using for playing, exercising, or relaxing. One thing you can do to simplify your storage space and claw back more of your home for other things is switching to vertical storage. Vertical storage solutions like ladder shelves or stacked storage boxes take up less floor/wall space while ensuring that you can have a place for everything.

Minimize patterns

Patterned home decor can look amazing, but if you’re trying to relax and find some peace, the busy patterns can be really distracting. So, whether you head to the flooring store and replace your busy carpet with plain hardwood flooring (which is also easier to keep clean) or you strip that floral wallpaper and paint the wall white, doing what you can to simplify any patterns, especially in the areas you want to be relaxed, can have a hugely positive impact.

Stick to a simple colour palette

When it comes to decorating the home, having some colour can really cheer the place up and stop it from being boring, but you should still strive to keep it simple. The best way to do this is by choosing a palette of 2-3 complementary colours and using them in everything from your walls to your flooring to soft furnishings like pillow and blankets. Not only will it be simpler, but it will ensure that your home looks amazing too.

A simpler life starts with a simpler home, so what are you waiting for?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.