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11 Simple Tips To Speed Up Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning is the biggest deep cleaning our homes get all year long (except before company comes lol). This is the time of year when we throw open the windows on a nice warm day and get to work making our homes look and smell fresh and inviting.

After a long cold winter, this can be an amazing feeling and well worth the time and energy involved but no one wants to spend a week spring cleaning the house.

These tips will help you do it faster:

How to speed up spring cleaning

1. Make spring cleaning a whole family affair. You didn’t make the mess yourself, you should have to clean it all up on your own. Gather the entire family to help with spring cleaning and delegate tasks so it all gets done faster. When we work as a team we get more done in less time. Even kids, no matter their age, can help with picking up and dusting at the very least.

2. Work in teams. When more than one person is working in a room it is easier to get the job done quickly and having the family work as teams helps to keep everyone doing their part on the cleaning rather than slacking off in a room by themselves with no one watching while everyone else is working.

3. Make it fun. Put on some music and go dancing around while cleaning. Not only will this help speed up the cleaning process but it will make it easier to get everyone willing to chip in and help out while getting everything done.

4. Gather supplies before your start cleaning. A trip to your local dollar store for fresh cleaning supplies, gloves, and other essentials that can make deep cleaning your home a breeze will make spring cleaning faster than ever.

When you have to stop to run to the store, you often find that it is hard to get much of anything done. Going in with all of your supplies ready from trash bags to window cleaner can reduce stress and make the whole process more enjoyable.

5. Make a basket for toting supplies around the house. When you go from room to room and then have to go back and forth to find what you need, you waste a lot of time. Creating a basket or tote that is easy to carry with all the supplies you will need is a huge time saver. Create totes for specific rooms too, like a bathroom as opposed to a bedroom. If you are working in teams, prepare a tote for each team so that they have everything they need.

6. Take a trash bag, donation box, a return to where it belongs basket, and a laundry basket into each room as you clean. Like with cleaning supplies, going to a room prepared to get rid of the items that do not belong there makes cleaning easier. Set up your boxes when you walk into the room so you are ready to dive in right away. Toss everything into the corresponding container as you clean the room. This will help keep you from running around, room to room to put things away.

7. Use the proper tools for the job you are doing. If you are anything like me, your vacuum attachments have gone missing and are no longer with your vacuum so you tend to just make do most of the time. I implore you to go find them right now!

The dusting and upholstery tools on your vacuum hose are for specific jobs. Make sure you use them as intended! They will do the job easier and more thoroughly.

8. Work top to bottom when cleaning. This will allow dust from your home to land on the floor and be cleaned up when you are done rather than having to clean the floor more than once after the dust and grime falls to the ground. The less you have to repeat cleaning jobs, the faster your spring cleaning will go.

8. Consider tools that cut down on cleaning time. Tools that do double-duty, like vacuuming and mopping at the same time, are perfect for speeding up your cleaning process. It allows you to combine sweeping and mopping in one quick process. Skipping the two-step process of cleaning your floors requires a lot less work too.

9. Use spray cleaners when you enter the room.  Cleaners like Scrubbing Bubbles and most disinfectants need to sit on surfaces for a while to effectively do their job. To save time while cleaning, spray things down when you start to clean a room so when you get to the surfaces you are cleaning, they can be easily wiped clean without scrubbing.

10. Plan your meals ahead of time before you start cleaning. It is easy to get sidetracked from spring cleaning when you get hungry and realize you have to cook. Plan ahead and either plan to order food in or do the cooking for meals before you clean so you are not dirtying the kitchen halfway through cleaning it.

11. Plan a reward for after you are done cleaning. When a reward is in sight, the entire family is more likely to pitch in and help with the cleaning to get it done faster. Choose something that is a reward for the whole family to ensure the incentive drives everyone to pick up the pace.

It is never too early or too late to start spring cleaning

Even if you tend to keep your home in order, there are usually some spots that get neglected during your normal routine. Every home could use a spring clean, no matter how meticulous you usually are. Be honest: When was the last time you dusted your windowsills?

Are you ready to get started spring cleaning?

  • Schedule a day/days
  • Gather your supplies/tools
  • Create a meal plan
  • Choose a reward
  • Create teams and assign chores

Here is a suggested list of essential items to add to your spring cleaning kit:

  • a broom or vacuum,
  • trash bags,
  • window cleaner,
  • a duster,
  • disinfecting wipes,
  • special cleaners for different surfaces,
  • laundry detergent,
  • gloves,
  • mask,
  • toilet bowl cleaner,
  • a toilet brush,
  • paper towels/cleaning cloths,
  • and a mop if needed.

If you find that you are looking for other items while spring cleaning, add them to your tote permanently.

And one more thing before you head off, it helps if you declutter before you spring clean too! Get rid of these 100 things that you don’t need and your spring cleaning will be a breeze.

I have included below a spring cleaning checklist to remind you of what needs to be spring cleaned for every space. We all tend to forget something when we have so many rooms to take care of, so having a guide can help you get the job done faster.

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist


  1. Launder the pillowcases, bedsheets, comforters, blankets, area rugs, and other bed linens in each bedroom – even your guest room.
  2. Clean light fixtures.
  3. Dust the ceiling.
  4. Dust off the blinds, windowsills, radiators, fans, air conditioners, and furniture.
  5. Dust off hanging pictures and wall decor.
  6. Clean the walls and baseboards.
  7. Launder any clothes that are still on the floors. Be sure to check the closets for clothes that dropped, too!
  8. Shred any documents lying around that you don’t need. Create a safe place for those you need to keep (or put them in a designated spot that already exists).
  9. Return any dinnerware and utensils to the kitchen.
  10. Clean the windows.
  11. Throw out any garbage that’s lying around. Then, take out the garbage.
  12. Sweep or vacuum the floors. If the floors can be mopped, mop them.
  13. Re-arrange any clutter or return to proper place in another room.


  1. Wipe down your kitchen cabinets – inside and out. Remember to remove your dishes first!
  2. Wash any dirty dishes or utensils that you’ve found throughout the house. Put away anything that’s clean.
  3. Clean and disinfect your kitchen table, sink, counters, microwave, dishwasher, stove, oven, and refrigerator. Make sure you clean both the inside and outside of anything that opens.
  4. Degrease your kitchen appliances – oftentimes, cleaning them isn’t enough!
  5. Throw away any expired food that’s in your fridge, freezer, or pantry.
  6. Clean the walls.
  7. Clean the windows.
  8. Clean light fixtures.
  9. Dust the ceiling.
  10. Organize your fridge and freezer.
  11. Recycle empty bottles and cans. Throw away empty boxes.
  12. Sweep or vacuum the floors. Then, mop them.
  13. Take out the trash and replace the trash bag.
  14. De-clutter your kitchen table and counters. Throw away anything that you don’t need and find a designated spot for things that simply don’t belong there.
  15. Replace your dish sponges.
  16. Launder your oven mitts, kitchen washcloths, and reusable tablecloths.
  17. Put away any kitchen appliances that you don’t use often. (or get rid of them!)
  18. Unclog your sink drain if necessary.
  19. Deodorize your garbage disposal.


  1. Clean and disinfect the showers. Don’t forget the faucet and handles!
  2. Replace your loofas, toothbrushes, shower mats, and hairbrushes.
  3. Launder your towels, washcloths, and bath rugs.
  4. Throw out expired over the counter medications. Properly dispose of old prescription medications.
  5. Throw out old or empty makeup and nail polish.
  6. Clean the walls and ceiling, including light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  7. Clean and disinfect the sinks, including the counters.
  8. Un-clog the sink and bathtub drains if they’re backed up.
  9. Clean the mirrors.
  10. Dust the inside of your bathroom cabinets.
  11. Throw out empty bottles of hygiene products.
  12. Clean the inside and outside of your toilet bowl.
  13. Dust behind the toilet bowl.
  14. Refill your soap dispensers.
  15. Throw out any garbage that made its way into hard-to-reach places. Then, take out the trash.
  16. Sweep or vacuum the floors before mopping them.
  17. De-clutter the sink counters – put away appliances and anything you don’t use every day.

Living Room

  1. Check under the couch cushions for trash, spare change, and important papers.
  2. Launder your couch cushions, slip covers, throw blankets, and area rugs.
  3. Dust off the blinds and windowsills.
  4. Clean the windows.
  5. Clean the walls and ceiling including light fixtures.
  6. De-clutter the tables. Throw away trash and put the things you need in a designated place.
  7. Dust off the television, gaming consoles, and remotes.
  8. Put away any games or movies that were left out.
  9. Clean and disinfect the tables.
  10. Return any dinnerware and utensils to the kitchen.
  11. Clean and disinfect the cabinets, entertainment centers, and other living room furniture.
  12. Return backpacks, purses, and briefcases to the closet or to the people they belong to.
  13. Sweep or vacuum the floor. If the floors can be mopped, mop them.
  14. Recycle bottles and cans that have been left out.
  15. Throw any trash that’s lying around. Then, take out the trash.
  16. Return shoes to the closet or to the people they belong to.

Home Office (or work/study space)

  1. Shred any unneeded documents. File any necessary documents away in a designated spot.
  2. Dust your bookshelves, blinds, windowsills, filing cabinets, shredder, printer, other furniture and other electronics.
  3. Put away binders and books that have been left out.
  4. Clean your keyboard.
  5. Clean and disinfect your desk.
  6. Clean the windows.
  7. Clean the walls.
  8. Return backpacks, purses, or briefcases to the closet or to the person they belong to.
  9. Throw out empty supply boxes. Refill your pen/pencil holder, stapler, printer paper, printer ink, and tape dispenser.
  10. Remove any clutter that’s hiding underneath your desk.
  11. Throw out any trash that’s lying around and throw out any shredded paper. Take out the trash.
  12. Sweep or vacuum the floor before mopping if the floors can be mopped.

Entire Home

  1. Deconstruct and recycle cardboard boxes. If you’re saving them for storage, put them away.
  2. Throw away or recycle old newspapers and magazines.
  3. Put away and organize art supplies that have been left out.
  4. Clean any litter boxes, pet tanks, or dog cages in your home.
  5. Launder your welcome mats and hallway runners.
  6. Return items that your guests accidentally left in your home.
  7. Replace or refill your air fresheners or diffusers.
  8. Return children’s toys (or pet toys) to their designated spots.
  9. Donate items you don’t want or need. Throw away anything that’s broken and can’t be fixed.
  10. Disinfect your doorknobs and handles, and light switches.
  11. Sweep or vacuum hallways and entryways. Mop if the floors can be mopped.


  1. Clean the walls and get rid of all spider webs.
  2. Dust and wipe down surfaces, equipment, tools, etc.
  3. Sweep or power vac the floor.
  4. If you can, hose down the floor to get rid of all dust.
  5. Spot clean any grease spots or stains on floor.
  6. Super clean your car.
  7. Put away and organize tools, gardening and sporting equipment.
  8. Throw out anything broken.
  9. Clean lighting fixtures.
  10. Grease/lubricate garage door mechanisms/chains/openers.
  11. Hose down and wash garage door.
  12. Clean any windows.

If cleaning your entire home in one day feels like a daunting task, finish your spring cleaning over the course of a weekend instead. All of your hard work will pay off when your home is cleaner, decluttered, smells better, and simply feels more inviting!

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