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Simple DIY Home Improvement Jobs For Beginners

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If you want to start being handier around the house, then you’ll be glad to know that this is very easy to do. Try your hand at some simple jobs first, like the ones on this list. Once you get comfortable with these simple DIY tasks, you will be inspired to take on bigger and more challenging projects. Keep in mind that mistakes will be made as you build your skills but you will learn far more from your errors and that will build your confidence and know how. Doing your own home repairs will not only save you money but will give you a great sense of satisfaction and pride.

Easy DIY Projects For Outside The Home

Paint your front door

Nothing gives your home a lift more than painting your front door. And the tools and skills you need to complete this task is minimal. Probably the only thing that will be the hardest part of this home DIY will be choosing the colour! But don’t fret. If you choose wrong, you can change it easily. Your local hardware or paint store associate is a great source of knowledge so take advantage of their expertise and advice. Just take a picture of the front of your house and take it with you to show them. Together you will find the perfect shade.

Like many projects around the house, the prep work is most important. Be sure to scrape and sand the surface and prime it before you apply your new paint. Keep in mind that weather plays a part in how your job will turn out. Things like rain, too hot and too cold can impact how the paint adheres as well as direct sunlight. Be sure to check the forecast before you start.

Clean out your gutters

If you want to try and clean out the gutters around your home then the only thing that you really need is a leaf blower, some ladders and a pair of gloves. Some bin bags will go a long way as well. Though this task doesn’t improve the look of your home, it is nonetheless important. Clean, free flowing gutters prevent all sorts of damage. It is not a glamorous job but needs to be done. 

I personally recommend that this be a 2 person job, especially if you are afraid of heights. Having a buddy hold the ladder steady not only helps you feel more secure as you are moving around at the top, they can also be helpful in passing you tools so that you don’t have to climb with them in your hands.

Clean your path and drive

Weather, dirt and grime can make your paths, drive and fences look old and downright grotty. Before you jump to the conclusion that you need to replace any of those things, try pressure washing them. It is an easy job you can do yourself and it will not only make your exterior look much cleaner, it can add value to your home. Keep in mind to use the right pressure washing setting for the surface you want to clean. You do not want to cause any damage inadvertently. So if you are switching from doing your drive to fences, remember to adjust the pressure for each job.

If you don’t have a pressure washer then it may be worth going through a pressure washing service as they can give you all of the help and support you need.

Easy DIY Projects For Inside The Home

Put up a picture or art deco

The key to hanging a picture or any other kind of art on your walls is having the right tools. You must have the appropriate hooks, a light weight hammer and a level. Again, your local hardware store can help you get all the items you need. They also have picture hanging kits that will make the job a breeze. Make sure you know the weight of what you wish to hang before you go as that is key to making sure your picture won’t end up damaging the wall or worse, falling down.

If you wish to create a gallery wall, don’t be intimidated! There are lots of great examples on Pinterest for you to follow. From a beautiful focal point above your sofa to an arrangement on a staircase wall, you will find it there. Be sure to either arrange your gallery on a floor surface first or use paper templates taped to the wall as a guide. Believe it or not, you can also buy gallery templates online or in store that will make this home DIY job even easier.

About the only real worry beginners have with hanging pictures themselves is that they might hit some electrical or plumbing behind the wall. Rest assured that most hooks do not penetrate all the way through the drywall however, it is always a good idea to be aware of any electrical outlets or lights directly above or below where you wish to hang as well as a bathroom/kitchen directly above or below. Try to avoid those areas especially if you are hanging something heavy, like a mirror, that requires wall anchors.

Hang a Shelf

Hanging a shelf in an awkward corner or space is beneficial for so many reasons. You may want to display a collection, organize your books or merely want to free up space from somewhere else by creating a new home for things. And trust me, if you can hang a picture, you can hang a shelf. It is pretty much the same process and the same tools as above. 

The only thing you have to decide on is what kind of shelf. There are many to choose from: wood, glass, metal or MDF, just to name a few. Again, the screws or hooks will depend on the material, the weight and the type of surface on which you are trying to hang it. And always, always, double check your measurements, spacing and level before you screw or hammer anything into your walls.

Sand and paint woodwork or furniture

Believe it or not, sanding down and painting woodwork is very therapeutic and it can also give you a great workout as well. The only thing that you need is some plastic sheeting, sandpaper and paint. And time. A lot of time. The biggest mistake beginners make when trying to tackle this home DIY project is that they try to rush it. Don’t be in a hurry! If you take your time then there’s no reason why you can’t come out with a great result.

If you are nervous about taking on this project, why not have a trial run? I bet you have an old piece of furniture that was destined for the bin or you can pick up something at a second hand store to practice on. Who knows, you may even breathe some life into that old piece.

Apply wallpaper

By far the funnest DIY project with the biggest impact is hanging wallpaper. Believe it or not, it is making a comeback. No, it isn’t like the 70’s where you would literally wallpaper a entire room, including the ceiling lol. Wallpapering a focal wall in a large print is oh so on trend now! The only problem you will have is choosing one.

Putting up wallpaper is a skill that just about anyone can master. But keep in mind that if you are hanging ceiling to floor, this job is well suited for two people. The key is applying it straight and a hand level will help you with that. Trust me, very few homes have true square rooms and walls. You don’t want to end up with a crooked pattern. Luckily, wallpaper has a little bit of give time which allows you to re-adjust as you go. Make sure each hung piece is straight and level before you start to apply the next one.

Don’t forget to paint the coving or architraves as well. It will create a beautiful frame for your wallpaper focal point. Little things like this can make all the difference to the room and it can make your home feel more modern and bigger too.

Learning how to tackle DIY projects around your home is so satisfying. If you have never done them before, remember to always start with small jobs. And if you get stuck, or need more instruction, you can always find a ton of tutorials on You-Tube to help you through.

What project do you want to start with?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.