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10 Must Have Design Elements When Remodelling Your Bathroom

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Remodelling your bathroom can be fun and over-whelming at the same time. 

You want your bathroom to feel comfortable and inviting but at the same time useful and let’s face it, easy to keep clean. There is nothing worse than ending up with a design that is not functional and practical.

That’s why it is super important to balance design with your must have list. 

Things like square footage, placement and storage needs all must be assessed before any work begins. Having a plan, a design board, is key to making sure your bathroom remodel will work for you and your family in the end.

My past remodel fails…

I have to admit, that I am really bad at figuring everything out in advance. I have done a lot of work in my house where I pretty much made it up as I went along. What I usually ended up with was a space that was no where close to the original vision I had. It was disappointing to say the least and left me feeling like I shouldn’t try any more projects. How sad is that?

Before you start your bathroom remodel…

I was determined with this bathroom remodel that it would not go that way. I spent months looking at bathrooms online and took notes. I wrote down what I liked and what I didn’t like and created a must have list before any work began.

On top of all that, I also took into account how a potential buyer would see the space. I have no immediate plans to sell my house but I always try to think about how someone else would feel about my design.

First, I don’t want to have to remodel again quickly if I did have to list my house because the remodel was solely based on my unique taste. And second, nothing is worse than a buyer thinking they will have to gut the space to make it their own.

That’s a lot to think about, am I right?

With all that in mind, I have created a list of 10 remodelling bathroom tips to help you through this process faster and more efficiently. If you follow these steps, you are sure to end up with a bathroom that you are proud to show off and of course, happy to use and spend time in.

10 Practical Tips For The Perfect Bathroom Renovation

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This was a total gut job but I am oh so pleased with the results. Here are my tips for remodelling your bathroom that will save you time and get you the fabulous oasis you are looking for.

1. A floor plan that maximizes space

You do not have to live with the original arrangement of the space. Yes, it is costly to move a toilet or a shower but if in doing so you create a better flow, it is well worth it.

It is a kick in the gut to spend money before you even get to the finishes but if you can fit a larger vanity or create more floor space, it will be money well spent and you will be happy you did it. It may mean you have to save more money before you begin but I implore you to explore this option if your current bathroom set up is not functional for you.

I would also like to address the current trend of removing bathtubs and creating large shower stalls. Although I love this idea and it would really work for me, when I consider what potential buyers may want, I had to shy away from this concept.

This is a four bedroom house which means if I were to sell, it more than likely would be purchased by a family. And families with small children need bathtubs.

If you have other bathrooms that have tubs, and you are re-modelling an ensuite, you may be able to ditch the tub, but even then, I would seriously think about getting rid of the bathtub. It is a very costly decision to reverse.

2. Colours that flow

Every room in your house should flow from one to another. Each room should not stand alone and feel out of place. That is why the colours you choose for your bathroom are important.

The most important colour to co-ordinate with is in the room adjacent to the bathroom. It could be a hallway or a bedroom. If the bathroom door is open, does the colour palette flow from one room to another?

This doesn’t necessarily mean you must choose the same exact colour. You could use a muted version or the accent colour of the adjoining room. Or you could go for a totally neutral palette which is what I chose to do.

Honestly, I re-paint my main rooms all the time, so going mainly white for my bathroom remodel ensures that no matter what colour I paint the rest of the house, I won’t have to re-do my bathroom to make it visually flow again. I just switch up the towels!

Be careful and thoughtful with your colour choices for the walls, floor and furniture.

3. Tile colour, size and finish that complement the space

Next to the tub and shower, tile is one of the most permanent features of your new bathroom remodel. It is not easy to switch out if you choose to go trendy or colourful and then decide you no longer like it.

The problem is that it can also be the most impactful feature and give your bathroom a real wow factor. So you have to walk a fine line.

It is best to stick with neutral for the main tile and add some accent tile for flair.

Other elements to consider when choosing tile is size and finish.

Tile size can make a small bathroom look smaller or vice versa. If in doubt, do some research into the best size tile for your bathroom online or go visit a tile store. They are the experts and will be able to advise you best.

One more thing about tile: the finish. I made the awful mistake in another bathroom to choose a matte, rough tile on the floor. I loved it when it was first installed. But let me tell you, it is a pain in the butt to clean and almost always looks dirty. Big regret.

For this new bathroom, I opted for a shiny tile because nothing sticks to it and it cleans up really well if something does.

This was a total gut job but I am oh so pleased with the results. Here are my tips for remodelling your bathroom that will save you time and get you the fabulous oasis you are looking for.

4. Grout colour that makes your tile shine

If you haven’t done a bathroom remodel in awhile, you are going to be super shocked at all the grout colour options now! You don’t have to go white anymore.

And changing up the grout is not as intensive as changing tiles, so you could go a little wild in your choice of grout colour.

What you want to do is choose a colour that will make your tile stand out. Choose a subtle colour in your tile or an accent colour.

I opted for a black grout. If I had gone for a white grout, my shower area would have looked like a plain white wall. The black grout makes the subway tile a feature element!

5. Choose fixtures that match the decor

Just like grout, fixtures also come in lots of different options now too. Chrome is not your only choice anymore.

There is bronze, gold and black colours to choose from as well as shiny or matte for finishes.

Your fixtures should complement your colour palette as well as your style of decor. They can add a classy feel or a traditional one. The fixtures are also a great way to fuse two decor styles together. Yes, you can have a modern look with some vintage elements.

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6. Ample storage for your needs

I love the minimalistic look but honestly, I need storage room in my bathroom. I have to have room for all my beauty products as well as a place for cleaning products. Plus, my husband needs at least one drawer. (I’m generous that way)

Be realistic with what type of vanity or storage space you need. Don’t just choose something because it looks good. When it comes to storage, functionality should be your prime objective.

If you have re-arranged your floor plan, you may even have room for a towel tower.

This was a total gut job but I am oh so pleased with the results. Here are my tips for remodelling your bathroom that will save you time and get you the fabulous oasis you are looking for.

7. Ample lighting

There is no such thing as too much light, especially if you have a bathroom with no windows.

You can add shower stall lighting, a wall and ceiling light, an LED mirror and even under cabinet lighting.

I am super lucky to have a son as an electrician so I have all of that! When it is dark out, you can easily put on makeup without the need for a makeup mirror, and at night, the ambiance of the under cabinet lighting is just enough for middle of the night usage.

Be sure to wire each element separately so that each feature can work independently and you don’t have to have full light when you don’t need or want it.

8. Luxury upgrades

You want your bathroom to feel luxurious, especially if your bathroom is an ensuite.

You only need to upgrade one or two items to give your bathroom remodel a spa feel. A rain shower system, under floor heating or big, plush towels are enough to transport you to heaven.

9. Matching hardware

Don’t overlook items like towel bars, toilet paper holders or even vanity knobs. They are all part of your overall design and could make or break an otherwise great bathroom remodel.

Make sure they match or compliment your fixtures and colour palette. If the vanity you choose has knobs that don’t suit your design, it is an easy fix. You can buy new ones and replace the ones it came with. This is such a simple and inexpensive thing to do yet has great impact.

This was a total gut job but I am oh so pleased with the results. Here are my tips for remodelling your bathroom that will save you time and get you the fabulous oasis you are looking for.

10. Feature element

Every room in your house should have one focal point or one fantastic element that gives it wow factor. Of course, this feature will usually cost you more but it is worth the investment.

Since I went very monochrome for my whole bathroom remodel, I decided to make the floor my feature element. I love this mosaic tile! My son absolutely hated it when he seen it in the box but even he has to admit that it is his favourite feature in our new bathroom.

The key to the perfect bathroom renovation is patience. Take your time. Don’t rush. It will take longer than you anticipate. It will probably cost more than your budget. But in the end, if you use these design element tips for remodelling, you will end up with a bathroom that you absolutely love!

This was a total gut job but I am oh so pleased with the results. Here are my tips for remodelling your bathroom that will save you time and get you the fabulous oasis you are looking for.
Just in case you are curious, I found a before picture of this bathroom renovation.

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