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5 Luxury Features To Add To Your Backyard

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By adding a few luxury features to your backyard, you can turn it into your own private paradise. Not only does that increase your enjoyment of your home but it also increases your home’s value and appeal if you are considering selling it in the future.

Below are a few examples of luxury features and some tips for implementing them in your home:

An outdoor lounge area

Don’t settle for basic outdoor furniture. Investing in an outdoor lounge suite can help to bring the comfort of your living room to your backyard. Such furniture is typically made from synthetic rattan (which is lightweight, robust, easy to clean and waterproof) and shaped much like an indoor living room suite, usually with a table in the middle.

It’s worth adding a canopy over the top such as a gazebo or awning – this will provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain so that you can get more use out of your outdoor lounge. Outdoor lounge suites can be expensive, but you can often grab discounts on them at the end of the season or throughout the colder months. 

A swimming pool

Many of us dream of having our own private swimming pool. Pools do require a lot of upkeep and they can be expensive to install and maintain, however future summers are certain to be unforgettable. It could be worth looking for a pool contractor that specializes in fiberglass swimming pools – such pools can be a lot more economical and environmentally-friendly.

If you have room in your budget, consider adding some lighting and water features. You could even opt for a heated pool, allowing you to get more use throughout the year (although this will definitely add to the price tag). 

And don’t worry about your home’s resell value in the future. It used to be that adding a pool to your home did not add value and you could not recoup the costs when you did sell. But that is no longer the case. During the last 2 years when everyone had to stay home and take staycations, pools have become very desirable. Homes with pools now sell quicker and for more money.

A hot tub

A hot tub could be another luxury feature to consider. Like pools, they can be expensive to buy and they do require a lot of maintenance. However, you can use them all year round, plus you can take them with you to your next home. Placing a hot tub under a canopy or inside a summer house could allow you to use it in all weathers. Hot tubs come in all different sizes and styles – it’s worth taking your time to find the right one (try shopping in the winter to get discounts). 

A private bar

A private bar could be a great feature to add to your backyard if you love to host parties. This could be a basic tiki bar or something more elaborate with refrigerators and even a TV. The latter option is likely to be more expensive, but could help to give it that true bar feel. Check out some of these backyard bars for inspiration.

A fire pit

A fire pit can help to give you that cosy campfire feel in your backyard. It could be ideal for those cooler evenings, allowing you to spend more time outdoors. Fire pits aren’t the only source of outdoor warmth that you can look into – chimineas could be another stylish option, while electric patio heaters could be a modern option for those that don’t want the hassle of starting a fire. Be wary that electric patio heaters are generally more expensive. Be sure to check your local ordinances before you buy.

Adding luxury features to your backyard expands your living space as well as your enjoyment of your home. Consider adding a few of the above to yard and have fun!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.