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7 Jewelry Styling Secrets for Women in Their 50s and Beyond

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The love of jewelry is a hard one to beat, and why would you want to beat it anyway? Jewelry instantly elevates and ties together any look, whether it be casual or formal, adding that sparkle is definitely the cherry on top!

Many women tend to think that their love of jewelry doesn’t catch up to them as they age, which we believe to be utterly and completely untrue!

Your age should have nothing to do with any aspect of your style, especially your jewelry! Styling jewelry for women in their 50s and beyond is all about enhancing their natural beauty, expressing their personal style, and choosing pieces that complement their lifestyle and comfort.

Check out these seven jewelry styling secrets for women in their 50s and beyond:

Wondering how to make your jewelry obsession age-appropriate? We have got seven jewelry styling secrets for women in their 50s and beyond!

1. Quality Over Quantity

You know what’s better than having many mismatched and cheap, scraggly chains and broken hoops?

Having a few, sturdy pieces that last you. Gold or platinum pieces will not only look better, but they will last longer and age beautifully, making them a worthy investment.

If gold and platinum feel too expensive, you can always opt for custom sterling silver pieces. A few pieces of jewelry from custom jewelry shops, like, can brighten up your options.

This will ensure that for every outfit you put together, you can exude your style and aura, standing apart from the crowd.

2. Classic

Invest in timeless pieces and look for classic jewelry that will never go out of style. Consider spending your money on pieces such as pearl necklaces, diamond studs, and a few silver or gold bangles or bracelets that can instantly amp up any look of yours. Let’s break it down a little.

Have a wedding to attend on the weekend? Your elegant diamond studs have got your back, and ears, of course! Whether you’re donning a formal skirt set, or rocking your most flattering silk dress, those diamond jewels will pair exquisitely, balancing your fit while adding a hint of splendor!

Got dinner with the girls? That vintage pearl necklace is all you need! Those pearls will tie in your dressy-casual outfit, without overpowering the look.

Pearl necklaces have always been a statement of timeless glamor, just ask high-fashion brand Vivienne Westwood, most of their looks center on their statement pearl necklaces and chokers!

3. Statement for a Pop

Just like the statement pearl necklace, you can try the same with other pieces. Try out a few multi-colored bangles or mismatched earrings, a statement piece will elevate any simple ensemble.

You could also switch out the pearl for a statement charm on your necklace, a big heart, feminine silhouettes, or even your name! Go on and make a statement with your favorite piece of jewelry!

4. Comfort’s King

Listen, the last thing you want is to feel like your earlobes have been snatched out by those new earrings you bought online. Rashes leaving an imprint, thanks to that necklace you bought at the yard sale, isn’t worth the trouble either.

You need to prioritize your comfort. Go for jewelry that’s lightweight, has clasps that are easy to use, with adjustable lengths.

Using high-quality materials must be reemphasized here if you don’t want nasty rashes and itches because, as you age, your skin might react differently to certain metals. That’s why you need to invest in hypoallergenic metals that are skin-friendly.

5. Learn to Love to Layer

Layering dainty necklaces (only if you are comfy), or bracelets and even rings, can surely amp up the timelessness of your style. Maybe throw in a cuff on your ear too!

But remember that you want to layer with lightweight materials that don’t feel or look clumpy on you. You can also mix and match your metals here, but make sure they’re all hypoallergenic and sweat and waterproof.

Experiment with layers, creating your own style, whether you want that editorial chic look or just your classic, elegant-chic style. You do you!

6. Show Off Your Personality

Jewelry is a powerful way to express your personality and personal style. From the earrings you rock to your classic Cartier bracelet stacks, jewelry evokes a sense of your individuality.

Whether you’re into vintage pieces, modern designs, or other funky touches, choose jewelry that resonates with your personal style and expresses who you are!

We recommend going off on what reflects your taste best, if chunky pieces are what make you feel at home, so be it. If you’re one to stray away from trends, then rock the jewelry and accessories that embody you!

7. Buy With Caution

If you’re going to invest in high-quality jewelry as you should, make sure to buy from reputable brands and shops. It’s best if you can go in there and try out to see what colors suit you best and what style speaks most to you.

Buying online is also beneficial, but it’s almost impossible to find out exactly if you’re going to like the pieces just by looking at a few pictures. Especially, if you’re buying high-quality stuff and they can be pricey, so make sure you’re looking at reviews and purchasing from popular and top-rated brands.


And there you have it! A guide curated just for you, the well-established ladies of 50 or above! While age should never be an interfering factor in your style, fashion, and jewelry, there are many ways you can rock your jewelry and still look fabulous at any darn age!

Remember that investing in high-quality jewelry will not only mean you are rocking opulence, but you are also going to rock them for quite some time! And that’s what you want: classic and timeless jewelry that accompanies you through a good amount of great times!

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