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5 Reasons Why Covid-19 Has Boosted Home Businesses

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Now is the perfect time to start a business from home. It’s quite clear that we are going to be in lockdown for many more months. As businesses of all kinds are asking their employees to work purely from home, it makes sense for everyone to weigh up their options.

Since you are going to be at home anyway, why not begin to fan the flames of a business that you run and own? Surely that’s not a good enough reason right? Well, look at this way. The majority of businesses in the services sector have expanded beyond our wildest dreams. So delivery services, manufacturing, designers and marketing, etc, have all expanded to the point that you can get cheaper services in this regard.

5 Reasons Why It Is So Easy To Start A Home Business Now

The cloud has grown

The cloud network has expanded so much that the Webex platform was boosted to over 5.5 billion meetings in just 11 days when the lockdown struck. Cloud communication via conference call software and various other avenues like email and phone services have increased physically. This means, they have more servers, more hard drives, more firewalls, more physical space in buildings and more security to watch over their hardware. If you thought that getting a communication and or storage system was going to take time, it won’t anymore.

Empty garage

Normally, you would want to store your car in your garage and find somewhere else to store your products. But, nobody is commuting. Nobody is using their cars anymore. So, you can in fact, leave your car outside and utilize your garage space.

Since the normal wear and tear of driving puts a strain on the car, you would want to protect it from the elements. But no longer is this needed; at least not for the near future.

But honestly, you can create an office space almost anywhere in your home, a spare room, a crawl space, or even in a closet. Check out Pinterest for office ideas.

Cheaper deliveries

As you can imagine, you want a good service that can deliver your products to customers without fail. But, various shipping costs add up and that can mean, you are eating into your profit margin before a product has even left for transit. But, with various bidding services, you can get up to 75% cheaper eBay deliveries now. Shiply is working with the wholesaler so if you show your ID and use the Shiply website for specific eBay services, you can get a considerably cheaper quote than you normally would.

So many customers

Online sales jumped by up to 200% in some countries, since the lockdown. You don’t need to be told why. The customers that would normally only shop in person, are now actually, shopping online exclusively. We all are! So, you have a monumentally larger scope of customers. Don’t miss out on it!

Many more freelancers

Need a logo made? Maybe you need a marketing campaign to be made for you? You might want some branding to be made for your product packages. Now, with so many more freelancers available online, like on websites such as Fiverr, it makes sense to begin a business now.

You should take this opportunity to start a business from home. Even micro-businesses are booming under this new economy. Why not take the chance to do what you have always wanted to do, and be your own boss!?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.