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5 Ways To Slow and Prevent Wrinkles As You Age

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As we grow older, our bodies experience lots of changes. One of the most notable is the skin which becomes more dry and brittle due to the impaired barrier function and decreased production of essential oils such as sebum. This causes the skin to lose its elasticity over time, leading to the development of wrinkles and fine lines.

Besides the natural changes that happen in the body, there are other factors that can cause the skin to age faster. Some of these include your lifestyle, diet, heredity, stress, sleep position, obesity, and other personal habits.

While the aging process of the skin cannot be stopped, it can be slowed down by employing a few techniques that can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. In this post, we share five ways to keep your complexion wrinkle-free as much as possible.

How To Prevent Wrinkles As You Age

Skin loses its elasticity over time, leading to the development of wrinkles and fine lines. Here are 5 ways to slow and prevent wrinkles as you age.

Undergo a cosmetic procedure

Undergoing cosmetic procedures has always been one of women’s most preferred options to achieve youthful-looking skin. The most popular procedure includes injectable treatments such as Botox to rejuvenate the complexion and enhance the appearance by reducing any fine lines and wrinkles that have developed over time.

For optimal results, you should have the procedure performed by a certified dermatologist who is well experienced in the field and will ensure you are getting the best treatment.   

For instance, if you live in Toronto, Canada, you should look for the best Botox clinic in Toronto to find reputable injectors who will provide you with a premier injectable experience. You can expect little or no downtime or recovery period once the procedure is done, other than tenderness at the injection site.

Protect your skin from the sun

Probably the number one cause that is responsible for most of the visible aging of the skin is the sun. Prolonged sun exposure can severely damage your complexion, leading to premature aging, wrinkles, pigmentation, and reduced skin elasticity.

The best way to prevent the sun’s UV rays from penetrating into the skin is to apply sunscreen regularly, no matter the season. A sunscreen with SPF 30 or more is the best choice to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as lower the risk of serious skin conditions which can result from sun exposure.

Use retinoids

Retinoids, also known as retinol, are one of the best anti-aging ingredients you should implement in your skincare regime. They are derived from vitamin A and provide the skin with plenty of benefits including increased collagen production, skin regeneration, and improved skin texture.

In general, there are five main types of retinoids, each with a slightly different level of potency. Some of these can be purchased in the form of creams and gels, while others are available by prescription only. To find the most suitable retinoid for you, it is best that you consult with your dermatologist first.

Moisturise your skin

Moisturising your skin is one of the most important steps you should never skip when doing your skincare routine. Doing so will provide your complexion with numerous benefits including nourishment and hydration, lower risks of skin problems, reduced appearance of blemishes, and fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

When choosing the right moisturizer for your skin, you should primarily consider your skin type. For example, if you have an oily or combined complexion, you should go for a lighter texture product like lotion. However, if your skin is dry, a heavier moisturizer is better so you can provide your complexion with more nourishment.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Making a few healthy lifestyle changes can also help slow down the aging process of the skin.

Firstly, you need to eat an anti-inflammatory diet consisting of foods that prematurely shorten telomeres which contribute to early skin aging. Some of the best anti-inflammatory foods are fresh fruits, leafy green vegetables, olive oil, fish, and nuts.

Also, make sure you keep your body moving at all times because regular physical activity can also help delay the aging process of the skin.

Lastly, don’t forget to get your beauty sleep every night and hydrate your body because these habits can also help keep your complexion youthful.

Final thoughts

Although wrinkles are an inevitable part of aging, there are many steps you can take to slow down the process and prevent new ones from occurring. Some of the most prominent ones include adding moisturizer and anti-aging serums to your skincare regime, eating a healthy diet, staying physically active, and getting a good night’s sleep.

If you want to know more about how to slow down the aging process of your skin, refer to our post and follow the tips to keep your complexion healthy and youthful. 

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