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5 Alternatives To Your Morning Coffee

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For many people – around 70 percent – coffee is the first thing they consume every day. It is a habit in many households to get up, switch on the coffee maker or the kettle, and then start going about the business of the day, whatever that might happen to be. 

Yet for some, the idea of drinking coffee first thing is losing its shine; they want to reduce their caffeine intake, or they’re getting bored with the taste, for example. Others never liked coffee in the first place, and they are seeking a different beverage to start their day with. Having a drink in the morning is vital, but what should it be if you don’t want coffee? Here are some great alternatives to try.

Healthy Morning Drinks To Kick Start Your Day

If you are trying to reduce your caffeine intake and looking for healthier options, here are 5 alternatives to your morning coffee that will help you start your day with more energy.

Lemon Water

If you want to have tons of energy and feel invigorated first thing in the morning, it is best to start your day with plain old water. But if you need flavour, the next best thing is lemon water. Not only will it hydrate your body and quench your thirst, it will help remove toxins from your body and give you a boost of vitamin C.

Simply squeeze a lemon half into a cold or hot cup of water to your liking.

Other great alternatives are coconut water or water infused with your favourite fruit like orange slices and strawberries or try some cucumber slices.

Golden Milk 

Golden milk might sound like something you would give to a child at breakfast time, but it’s actually a rather delicious drink for adults and an ideal substitute for coffee if you are looking for something slightly different. It’s rich, tasty, and – importantly for many – caffeine-free. 

To make golden milk, you mix milk with ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, and turmeric; warming spices, in other words. You can, if you want to, add honey and vanilla to the drink to make it a little sweeter. Not only does this drink have a spicy kick that will help you to feel more awake in the morning, but the spices included within it have anti-inflammatory properties, and black pepper is excellent at helping your body absorb fat. 

Chai Tea 

Tea can be a good alternative to coffee, although if caffeine is the issue, standard teas may not be suitable; they can contain more caffeine than coffee in some cases. Chai tea is a great idea, however. It’s a black tea combined with strong-tasting spices and herbs and contains just half the amount of caffeine that a cup of coffee would. Despite this, it can still improve alertness. 

Some studies suggest that drinking black tea can lower the risk of someone developing heart disease, and as well as this, it tastes great. The only problem is that it can take some time to prepare, as you need to crush cardamom, cloves, and peppercorns and add them to the tea which needs to be brewed. To speed things up and get the same health benefits and great taste, you can use the chai tea latte healthy K-Cups and have your drink in moments.  

A Wholesome Smoothie

If you don’t like to eat breakfast in the morning, the next best thing is to make a smoothie. You can pack it with berries to give you lots of flavour plus fill you up with healthy antioxidants. Add chia or flax seeds for a bounty of nutrients.

The great thing about smoothies is that you can make them super fast in a blender or make a whole bunch of individual servings ahead of time and freeze them.

Apple Cider Vinegar 

People have been extolling the virtues of apple cider vinegar for decades, and studies show that they are right; this mixture of crushed, fermented apples, bacteria, and yeast, has some fantastic health properties, even if it doesn’t sound as delicious as some of the other drinks on this list. It is particularly useful when it comes to insulin sensitivity and controlling blood sugar levels thanks to the acetic acid it contains. 

Don’t drink apple cider vinegar neat; add one or two teaspoons to hot or cold water instead. All a teaspoon of honey for sweetness if you want to, as apple cider vinegar is very sharp to taste.

It can be hard at first to stop drinking coffee first thing in the morning. But with flavourful, filling alternatives, you can start your day with more sustainable energy than the boost caffeine used to give you. Plus you body will thank you for making healthier choices.

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