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Smart Ways To Add Storage to Your Home

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Ever felt like you’re lacking storage space in your home? If so, then you’ll be glad to hear that there are a lot of smart and interesting ways for you to add more storage to your house without having to move. Instead of just buying a large, bulky cupboard, we’ve prepared a couple of ideas to help you add a subtle storage option to your home which can help clear clutter and keep you organized.

7 Clever Ways To Increase Storage Space In Small Homes

Ever felt like you’re lacking storage space in your home? Here are a couple of ideas to help you add storage to your home and keep you organized.

1. Consider a storage bed for guest rooms

If you have guest bedrooms then they’re an excellent place for additional storage. But if you’ve already got cupboards and drawers full of stuff (or you want to keep them relatively empty for your guests) then it can be a good idea to swap the guest bed with something that has storage drawers underneath. This is a brilliant option for people that don’t use their guest bedrooms too often but still want to keep them pristine for when someone does visit.

If buying a new bed is not in the budget, you can buy plastic bins that will fit underneath the bed. They are perfect for storing extra bedding, shoes and seasonal clothing. They come on wheels and have lids so that your things are easy to access plus are protected from dust and mildew.

2. Sideboards are fantastic multi-purpose pieces of furniture

Sideboards are brilliant as a multi-purpose piece of furniture that can be used to store things, display items, and also house things on top such as decorations or handy everyday items. You could even take a look at glass sideboards if you’re interested in displaying things such as antiques or collectables that you’ve gathered over the years. Sideboards can fit in almost any room of your house and will seamlessly blend into your existing furniture.

If your dining or living room is also your office, a sideboard can also double as your desk.

3. Use the space behind your doors

If you never really find yourself swinging open your doors fully then you could always add some behind-the-door storage. This can mean anything that hooks onto the back of your doors such as a hanger or even a small set of shelves. But it can also mean a thin bookcase or rack that you install on the wall behind your doors. This can be a subtle but effective way to add more storage space to your home.

Don’t forget about the doors in closets too. You can hang a shoe rack inside a clothes closet, or a spice rack inside a small pantry or a hanging wire rack to hold cleaning supplies inside a laundry or linen closet.

Ever felt like you’re lacking storage space in your home? Here are a couple of ideas to help you add storage to your home and keep you organized.

4. Get yourself a storage ottoman

One of the most helpful pieces of multipurpose furniture to have is an ottoman. It’s a chair, it’s a footstool, it’s a storage box, and it can look absolutely amazing if you buy the right design to fit with your home’s decor. An ottoman is a worthwhile investment if you’re in the need of a practical piece of furniture, and they’re surprisingly inexpensive if you go for something more affordable from a typical furniture retailer instead of going for a high-end designer option.

Furniture pieces that do double duty, like an ottoman or a coffee table with cabinets, are perfect for organizing a space that is awkward or has limited open floor space. When shopping for new items, always opt for something that will not only look nice but serve multiple purposes.

5. Make more use of your walls

Don’t forget to make more use of your walls. Walls are a great place to add shelves, hang things, and display memorabilia. While installing shelves might seem like an obvious option, it’s also extremely practical and much better than the alternatives such as adding another free-standing bookcase, cupboard, or drawer. So if there’s a bare wall in your home, why not turn it into loads of extra storage space for your items?

And don’t forget to use areas above windows and doors too. Of course you don’t want your home to look cluttered so be very selective on what you put on those shelves. Items like collectibles and books would look great plus give you the opportunity to display the things you love.

Ever felt like you’re lacking storage space in your home? Here are a couple of ideas to help you add storage to your home and keep you organized.

6. Make closet space more efficient

Most closets consist of a single bar with a shelf, maybe two, above it. That is a huge waste of space! A good closet organizer will allow you to store so much more if done right.

The key to a good closet system is to decide what you need before you buy:

  • If you don’t have a lot of clothes that need hangers, then opt for more shelves.
  • Add drawers and/or baskets for things like socks and underthings.
  • Consider adding things like shoe racks, jewelry racks and tie/scarf organizers inside your closet too.

7. Fill the gaps

I bet if you look around your home, you can find lots of small spaces that have potential for organization. That gap between your washer and the wall is perfect for a rolling shelf that can house all your laundry supplies. Or that space between your fridge and cupboards could fit a sliding pantry.

It is harder to organize a small house but it can be done. The solution lies within your ability to use the space you have efficiently and effectively. I hope you can use some of the above ideas in your home.

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