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With all the latest fashions including microfibre and clingy materials, it is hard to prevent visible panty lines when wearing slim pants, skirts or dresses without going commando. Since that is off the table for me, for so many different reasons, here are 5 different panty options to achieve a smooth, seamless look without having to give up wearing underwear.


5 Underwear Options To Prevent Visible Panty Line

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I’ll admit thongs can be a pain, literally. They do take some getting used to and are usually your best bet to prevent VPL. Some are more comfortable than others. I like and frequently wear  Hanky Panky Signature Lace Thongs. Plus they make you feel oh so sexy!

These lace thongs are great for hiding panty lines.

For everyday wear, I recommend very thin, nylon panties with a laser cut leg opening. That means the fabric just stops, there is no folded edge and no stitching. These aren’t pretty, lacy lingerie panties but they get the job done and don’t show through clothes.

You want to purchase these snug enough to hug or they will slide around. You also don’t want them too tight or they leave a bulge. It’s the seam and stitching that shows through clothes as a lump and the tightness that shows as a bulge.

They’re available at all price points. I recommend trying several brands on to see which are most comfortable. Once you find the ones you like and do a great job of to prevent visible pantylines, stock up and buy them in bulk! Don’t you just hate it when you just buy one and then can’t seem to find them again?


These Calvin Klein Women’s Invisibles Hipsters do have a seams but they are very thin.

These hipster underwear have invisible seams.

These Commando High Rise Panties have a high enough rise to prevent any line in your tummy from showing and are lasercut all around.


These high rise panties tuck your tummy in.


These Under Armour Pure Stretch Hipster have a four way stretch fabric for unltimate comfort and are laser cut on all edges.
These stretch black underwear are great for active days.

These Kathy Ireland Microfiber Invisible Panties  are a sleek micro fiber and laser cut around all edges.

These undies are floral and bright.
Suggestion: Wear your slim pants when shopping so you can check for visible panty lines while testing out new panties. One size never fits all, so keep trying on until you find that magic combination of function and comfort.

Relax, you don’t have to go all out commando to prevent visible panty lines but it is going to take some research, trying on and shopping to find what works best for you. It is worth the time to find good quality underwear, for so many reasons. We never think what we wear under our clothes matters but it does.

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