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Top Midlife Bloggers Share Their One Must-Have Beauty Product

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Being a Midlife Blogger, I’m lucky to have met other wonderful Midlife Bloggers who beautifully capture the journey for all of us, through empty nest and beyond. This dynamic group of women are a powerful resource — they’ve seen it all and done most of it. I decided who better to tap for a list of the One Fabulous Beauty Product you wouldn’t want to live without. They’ve generously shared their favourites below.

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Shellie Bowdoin,

Lipstick is my favourite go-to beauty item. Whether I’m popping out for errands or doing the whole make-up transformation, lipstick is the piece that pulls everything together. I don’t find it necessary to change my colour with every outfit. Instead, I stick with a vibrant berry that works best with my skin tone. I use a plush lipstick from Merle Norman in Brazen. I use a light hand with it to keep it from going on too dark, but it lasts like crazy. Right now I am wearing Envious by Estee Lauder. I’m also a big smiler, so my painted lips make the perfect frame.

Jennifer Connolly, A Well Styled Life

I spend a bundle on my skin care. And when a new, at home, miracle device hits the market, I buy it. Over the last few years, I’ve been suckered into innumerable dermatological procedures and treatments that promise miracle results. Not surprisingly, I’ve been disappointed. Turns out, there is no fountain of youth, short of a face lift. Even it’s results are questionable. All I can hope for is to be the freshest version of myself possible. What I’ve discovered is, there’s no lotion, potion or magic elixir that can do for my face, what meditation does. Quieting the turbulant chatter in my mind appears to smooth the lines on my face. The deep, slow breaths I take probably help by bringing oxygenated blood to my skin. Perhaps the benefit I see is imagined. But it doesn’t matter, because my perception is all that matters.


I turn 50 this year and my favourite beauty product is Sonia Kashuk Translucent Illuminator. I am always sweating or having a hot flash so I don’t wear much makeup on my face right now. I use this instead of foundation on the days where I don’t need a lot of coverage…it’s easy to blend and it seems like it kind of “wakes my colour up.” I’m a midlife blogger but I have young kids and I really try to look presentable when I take them to school in the morning and this helps pull me together. It’s about $15 at Target, which is a little bit of a splurge for me. 

Cathy Williamson,

I was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer 2 1/2 years ago, and was given really intense chemotherapy. Chemo is so drying to the skin, but La Mer, Cream de La Mer, completely helped my skin, and I have never stopped using it! It is great for dry and mature skin. Can’t live without it!

Carol Cassara,

At age 65 I have no wrinkles. People remark on that all the time. My secret is that I’ve been using Lancome’s Genifique Serum since it came out. It’s the only thing I do faithfully every single day. It cleared up those little dry patches that come with age and that — and genetics — have helped keep my face wrinkle-free.

Tam Warner

My favourite beauty item has become Christian Dior’s AIRFLASH makeup. There is a primer which evens one’s skin tone, a beautiful light absorbing base, and a matte finish. These items are close to being “photo finished”. Put them on with a soft brush, and voila! You look your best! 


I don’t do this nearly enough but once in awhile I love getting a massage. A good masseuse can soothe my aching muscles and relieve those tight spots that are screaming for relief. The life of a midlife writer means a lot of sitting and not enough stretching. After awhile I need a nice, soothing Swedish massage. The feel of loosening my muscles, the sound of calming music and the smell of essential oils equals one hour of pure joy. My body feels refreshed and renewed and it thanks me for taking care of it!! Ahh. 

Doreen McGettigan,

During my teens, twenties, thirties and most of my forties I used the same moisturizer, make-up, shampoo, the same stylist, the same spa etc…

Once I reached midlife, nothing I used or wore felt right. From the inside/out I didn’t feel right physically or emotionally. Thanks to my midlife blogger friends I quickly learned I needed a beauty intervention. I’m still working on getting to that comfortable place of having my go to staple beauty products.

There is one simple product that I have used consistently since I was a kid and to this day I do not leave the house without it. I have dry skin and extremely dry lips. Dry cracked lips can affected my speaking, my self confidence and my comfort. I have tried every lip product on the market but the one that is always in my purse, the one that simply works for me is Chapstick.


You can hide your desperate need for a pedicure with a strategic shoe selection. You can avoid shaving your legs IF your date doesn’t quite merit this extra work (let’s call it shave-worthy). You can even put off getting a haircut with the creative use of ties, bands and clips. But you can never EVER neglect your eyebrows. I’m serious, ladies! The fastest way to look old and washed out is to pretend you can pull off your look by ignoring the finishing touch of your brows. I faithfully use bareMinerals Brow Color (brunette) and apply it using the bareMinerals Brush Brow Master. This selection comes after multiple, expensive, trial-and-error experiments. So for the love of all things beautiful (and what could be more beautiful than YOU?), please don’t neglect your brows! 

Tracy Milam,

I am not a fancy kind of girly girl. As I have gotten older I have found that even my modest routine required a boost from better quality problem solving products. Too Faced Shadow Insurance is a really great eye shadow primer. I tend to have oily skin, which can make eye shadow look messy … add that to my new found crepey-ness and it isn’t always pretty! I find that my shadow stays perfect all day when I use this. Love this product and wish I had found it years ago.

I love a new list of beauty favs, don’t you? Let me know if you find some new keepers in this terrific list.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.