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Spring is here and summer is knocking at the door, but it is still cold out there! Layering your winter sweaters over your summer dresses is a great way to transition to the new season and make better use of the clothes you already own.

The temperatures have dropped, the leaves have changed colour, and the rain and snow will come. But while these changes usually signal that it’s time to put away your summer dresses to make room for jeans, coats, and other cool-weather clothes, they don’t have to! Spaghetti-strapped maxis, knee-length tank dresses, summer-night date-night dresses, and even cotton sundresses are so much more versatile than we give them credit for!


Here are six tips for how to layer sweaters over your summer dresses so that you can wear them all year:


6 Fabulous Ways To Pair Summer Dresses And Sweaters For Winter Fashion

I am so done with winter! I am dying to change my wardrobe and start wearing some of my summer clothes but it is still just a little too cold out. Here are some great ways to make the transition from winter to spring. Pairing summer dresses with winter sweaters is the perfect solution. #fashion #style #summerfashion

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Style Tip #1: Be Knotty

This jersey top knotted in the back is chic and modern.

Shop this look: Jersey Knit Dress, Cross Body Bag, Cashmere Blend Fitted Sweater.

As I mentioned last summer, I became a big fan of knotting tee-shirts and tanks over my dresses. Well, the same simple styling trick can be applied to knitwear.

The best and worst thing about winter sweaters is that they tend to hide our shape. Homo sapiens store fat in wintertime for survival and a cute-but-shapeless sweater can be a girl’s best friend when she gets a little thick in the middle after Christmas (am I right??)

But nipping a sweater in at your waistline can often create the illusion of curves and angles when those Sir Mix-A-Lot dimensions (36-24-26) start to look more like your kindergartner’s “find the pattern” math homework (38-38-38).

This isn’t a good idea for your finer, more expensive knitwear. But for your more elastic and less expensive sweaters, it’s a good styling option.

Knot in the front which is easier, logistically, and can help camouflage a paunch, or in the back, which is harder to do yourself, but keeps the look cleaner from the front.


Style Tip #2: Fully Vested

This adorable vest looks great layered over a dress and booties.

Shop this look: White Dot Silk Dress, Turtleneck Sleeveless Ribbed Sweater, Suede Wrap Belt.

For your long sleeved dresses (which are so, so appreciated and yet SO, SO difficult to find), try layering your sleeveless sweaters over the top. This is an easy way to add texture, color contrast, or both to a look, as well as added warmth for those cooler winter days.

If the sweater is longer and try adding a belt in the same or similar color to create a taller, leaner look overall.


Style Tip #3: Knits + Silks = Love

This look featuring an oversized sweater and patterned skirt is chic.

Shop this look: Silky Leopard Print Dress, Cream Splendid Sheridan Sweater.

In fashion, as in contemporary art, texture takes a look from good to great. I love the contrast of a fine silk skirt or dress with a nubby, fuzzy, or chunky sweater.

I tend to treat my silks with a little too much care and caution. As a result, I end up wearing them less frequently, which is a waste of both beauty and money. Adding a cozy sweater – even in a fine cashmere – takes the pressure off and lets me feel more relaxed and casual in my silk dresses and skirts.


Style Tip #4: Mix Wool Sweaters and Cotton Dresses

This skirt and sweater outfit paired with Adidas sneakers is fun.

Shop this look: Sleeveless Midi Cotton Dress, Wool Classic Crew Neck Sweater.

Don’t be afraid to mix textures; even those textures you think of as “summer” or “winter” textures. Just like your silks, wool sweaters pair nicely with cotton or jersey knit dresses. The look is informal and relaxed, but still well put-together.

Choose monochromatic or like colours, patterns, and proportions to keep the look polished.

Worried you’ll be too cold? Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs trump everything else; no one should go through life cold and uncomfortable. If you pair your favorite winter sweater with your favourite summer dress and you’re still cold, consider Style Tip #5….


Style Tip #5 : Tights and Socks

These variety of knee high socks look adorable with tights.

Well, duh, right? But I’m not talking about about your daughter’s tights or your grandmother’s (or mother’s) pantyhose. I could (and should) publish and entire blog post on this topic alone.(Personally, I’ve been dying to try textured knee high socks with pumps or heeled sandals and a skirt or dress, so stay tuned!)

Today’s tights come in hundreds of styles and colours, many of which can be layered and worn together. Try Nude Fishnet Stockings over Opaque Black Tights for a polished and sexy take on winter hosiery or, for a more casual look, try Knee High Stockings over Wool Tights and booties.

Had it not been for the record-breaking heat wave this week, I would have happily put on some tights and socks with my looks for you. However, to quote Samantha Jones from Sex in the City, the Movie, “I love you, but I love myself more” and I wasn’t willing to risk heat stroke for a good photo, so I pulled the above examples off of Pinterest. But I promise I’ll make it up to you.


Style Tip #6: Carry a Fabulous Leather Handbag

This camel leather tote looks great with a neutral outfit.

Of course, all of this is made much simpler by a fabulously beautiful and practical handbag.

I wish I could tell you how well-constructed and gorgeous these bags are. I love that I can fit my laptop into the Eva Tote along with my wallet, car keys, a water bottle, and all the other random mother detritus I have to store in my handbag at all times to get through the day. And I can’t say enough good things about this Cross Body Bag which doubles as a clutch for evening when you remove the strap. 

Rethinking and reclassifying your summer dresses will double the breadth of your winter wardrobe and keep you looking chic and fresh all winter long!


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