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Perimenopause Symptoms I Didn’t Know

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Seriously, how many pluses are there physically about turning fifty? Pretty much the only one women all look forward to is the end of periods. Ok, so we may have some hot flashes and some mood swings too. And to be honest, the mood swings I really don’t care about because it affects the people around me more than me.

But if that’s all I have to put up with, it sounds worth it to me if it signals the end of my monthly visitor. Well, surprise, surprise, there are more perimenopause symptoms than what TV has led me to believe and my mother never told me about that suck even more.

Perimenopause Symptoms

Sleep disruption.

I would kill to be able to sleep like a teenager again. I go weeks without sleeping properly. I actually believe this is the reason for most mood swings. I can’t seem to get a solid few hours without waking. And then it’s nearly impossible to fall back asleep, until it’s close to alarm time of course. I’m used to my husband’s snoring but a creak on the floor downstairs wakes me like a five alarm fire bell.

Bloating and Cramps.

Oh yay! I’m not actually getting a period but still get the bloating and cramping. Thank you uterus.

Heavy sudden periods.

At least when I was regular, I knew approximately when to expect my period and be prepared. But now, I can go three months without getting one and then all of a sudden have a huge whoosh as my insides empty out. And believe me, ain’t no size pad gonna be able to handle that.

And of course, you are totally caught off guard. The old adage still stands btw, if you are planning a vacation or have a physical scheduled, that is when you will get it.

P.S. Don’t let your supply run out yet and keep that spare in your purse too.

10 Freaking Years.

Perimenopause Symptoms can start as early as 30 and last anywhere from a few months(who are those bitches) to 10 years. Yes, you read that right. WTF!

Weight Gain.

The beginning of the middle age spread. Weight gain, apparently, is a common perimenopause symptom. All that work to stay active and eat right my entire life and now my body decides to do double time against me. Give me a break!

I am finally at a point in my life when I can slow down a bit. Great. Now let’s throw in a slower metabolism and hormonal changes to really pack on the pounds.

And this list is just for starters. Facial hair? I just figured out that the bearded lady was only an average woman going through menopause.

Many women experience a multitude of perimenopause symptoms. It’s no wonder they have mood swings. The rest of you are just going to have to deal with that. We deserve to be cranky.

See WebMD for more information about menopause and perimenopause symptoms here.

Feel free to share your experiences with this special time in your life.

Save this post to read later:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.