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I just returned from a 2 week road trip to Montana. I hiked Yellowstone, gazed upon the famous Madison River and scratched a big one off the Bucket List, Glacier National Park (amazing!).


It was a great time and I learned a lot.


Here’s the Top 10 you need to know about Montana if you plan to visit.


  1. There are more buffalo, elk, deer, bears (I saw a Grizzly! Up close!), antelope and moose in Montana than at the beach in Lake Tahoe.
  2. It’s true. The sky really is big in Montana.
  3. In Montana they take their meat very seriously. (Vegetable? Huh?)
  4. Camo is a fashion choice for women.
  5. I had to go off trail 7 times during one hike to stay within park rules and “not disturb the buffalo”. The buffalo are very familiar with this ruling. BUFFALO MOVE FOR NO ONE.
  6. Ennis, Montana has a population of 848 people and 11,ooo,ooo trout.
  7. Montana is the only place I’ve ever been where I couldn’t get into the bathroom because two elk were fighting right outside the door. There’s a rule about disturbing fighting elk too.
  8. Apparently calories do count on vacation. And it’s possible to hike your ass off day after day and still come home wearing the Hagen Daz bar you ate because you couldn’t find a Dairy Queen and get the Buster Bar you really wanted. (Ok, so there may have been some pancakes involved too.)
  9. National Parks are one of our greatest treasures and best bargains going. Beautiful, wondrous and packed with education. Please visit and support them.
  10. Every animal has a very unique style of poop. I find this endlessly fascinating.


Montana, you took my breath away. XOXO

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